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    What do you all think of this gift idea?

    So I got the idea to vacuum seal venison with different seasonings and marinades. I'll be giving them out as gifts this year with the offer of Sous Vide dinner plans. What I mean is I give them the vacuum sealed meat and tell them they can cook it themselves or they can redeem a "hang out and...
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    How do you store your kills? Throwdown!

    Let's get some debate going here! How do you store your kills and keep them fresh as the day they were butchered?
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    Hello from Washington DC!

    I'm in DC for a while, maybe a year or more. I kinda hate it here. Anyone know any places nearby that I could go for a hunt on? Work is getting stressful and I need to relax. I like providing for myself and spending some me time in the woods with some white tails would be great. I think I am...