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    Good Luck!

    Unfortunately a health emergency cancelled the hunt right before we left.
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    Backup Bow?

    I might add 10 yrs ago on a solo hunt my bow string snapped as i came to full draw on a buck, my hunt was over.
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    Backup Bow?

    Same here but i have a bro who's a bow whore so we set one up for me incase, Taking both of my Win model 70 rifles for him on a hunt next week.
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    Good Luck!

    My brother just bought a 221-223 ALW tag i have four days to plan this hunt , defiantly going to need some luck.
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    2021 Hunting Success Thread

    Nice good job!!! See you didn't need any coordinates
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    4 Man Pit Blinds

    As mentioned above they are easier to maintain and we only have a couple areas where we can use them. We also have blinds in the water that are based on a Ducks Unlimited design. We got this one ready yesterday and have three more to finish this next week when are palm mats arrive. This is one...
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    Anybody score their tag first come first served?

    I believe you know that area pretty well also, probably know some of the same spots but if you really need help, i'll talk with you privately anytime.
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    4 Man Pit Blinds

    Looking for a couple pit blinds (used for sale) any time in the next year, with in a days drive of Northern Nevada. If anyone knows of any please let me know. Our lease owner wants most of our blinds under ground in the next year our so. thanks
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    Anybody score their tag first come first served?

    looked at that god damn thing a hundred times i never see anything, congrats to you though. Easy tag to fill right there
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    It's Time To Get HIP

    thought maybe you where getting a hip replacement, glad your not that would stink this close to hunting season. Have my HIP# and my federal duck stamp for awhile now
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    Which hybrid is everyone using?

    Believe he's talking about hybrid broadheads-like Bloodsport Gravedigger Hybrid Mechanical Broadhead, Cut-On-Contact Tip ? if so they fly good out of my bow.
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    Dads antlers gone

    try Bowsite lots of guys from the eastern US on there
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    Daddy/Daughter ranch fishing/shooting /4 wheeler weekend

    Good stuff right there. After last years successful youth deer hunt i had my daughter take us on a 20 mile SXS sunset cruise
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    Goose chili

    Made some goose thigh, top of the legs breakfast sausage last weekend. Patties or B&G tastes great and easy to make
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    Anybody score their tag first come first served?

    know of a few though