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    Opening The Can Of Worms...Coronavirus...

    I agree its hipped up , My wife is in the covid-19 unit in South Lake Tahoe as i type they expect this to dye out in the next three weeks. The people of greatest concern are elderly with immune deficiency's. Kids are not effected but are carrier's which is why you may see some school closures...
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    Favorite Piece Of Gear???

    My Outdoor Edge game processing kits as i got to butcher my daughters first big game animal. Always happy when i get to bust them out!!
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    Fall Waterfowl Pics

    Thats I would seriously advise you try making even your spoonies into pastrami, i made 5 more goose breasts into pastrami last week and had a spoonie so i through it in as well. Had a lond time duck hunter come over. told him to try the spoonie first , at first he didnt believe me but i took...
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    The Day we Dred

    Thanks Guys , I'll be looking for one that looks like him, Mostly white. A month ago they where all over ,so it might be next year, which is fine i still have two labs to finish off if i don't find what i want. He looked alot like Montana's dog on the left when he was young.
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    The Day we Dred

    Put him down thursday, rest in peace BUDDY. Was a tough one, not my first or my last but he was special!!
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    The Wild Game Eats Thread...

    Well it turned out better than expected, smoked it until i hit 150f and wrapped it in foil to rest. There will be a big batch in the near future
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    Asked my 12yr old if she wanted to go to the duck club ,says not really we just sit there. Ok well local lake just opened but boats not ready , do you want to shore fish, yeah lets do that she says. I think isn’t that sitting. Get there late set up and look over to a big pile of trash, tell her...
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    What did you get for Christmas guys?!

    Little late here been busy, but got a new Northern flight Renegade layout blind
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    The Wild Game Eats Thread...

    Making some goose pastrami , has to brine for three to four days then pepper, coriander, paprika rub and smoke . Will see
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    The Wild Game Eats Thread...

    Looks good to me ! I have some in the freezer I’ll give it a try
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    The Wild Game Eats Thread...

    looks good ! Yeah i first tried it last year, to me its like abalone, so i treat it the same.
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    Seeking Wild Rabbit Recipes

    I’ll definitely try that prerylyon, one more tip on the creamy side, go get a pie crust or make it from scratch as my wife does and use the leftover to make a potpie.
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    Seeking Wild Rabbit Recipes

    So iam making this with chicken as I write this and realized that my cooking temps and time are for a slow cooker, follow jimP on the dutch oven
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    Seeking Wild Rabbit Recipes

    I have one i do in my dutch oven. 1. kill the wabbit (s) 2. clean and debone the wabbit 3. cut up red potatoes(1/4s),carrots,green beans. celery, onion, garlic,mushrooms, few twigs of rosemary, and really any other veggies that fit this style of cooking. Ad half a cup of white wine ad the meat...