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    Hot Waterfowl Reloads

    Very Interesting Process.
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    The Sig BDX System Giveaway!

    I could use this. Thanks SIG and Eastmans
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    Eberlestock J117 II Dragonfly Giveaway!

    Thank you Eastmans and Eberlestock
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    Rethinking my loads/calibers for deer.

    I like a heavier bullet in the .300 Magnums. In my .300 Weatherby, I use either the Barnes 165 gr. TTSX over 83.0 RL22, or the Nosler 180 gr. Partition over 81.0 AA-3100. Both loads clock a shade over 3,000 fps.
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    D14 bucks

    I would like to see that one!
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    Increasing Pwdr Chrg Yields Lower Speed

    I ran into this some years back. It is simply the gun telling you that is the maximum load for that powder, gun and bullet combination. You can verify that by CHE measurements. I will generally back off two loads before the decreased load, or in your example 52.8 grains. There is not an...
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    bear spray

    Bear spray does expire. Some cans of more recent manufacture have an expiration date on the can. Pressing the button on your can of bear spray and getting only a fizzing sound or nothing, has to be maximum pucker factor!
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    Colorado Tags are Showing UP

    Anyone scouting D-14? Wondering if any bears are roaming around.
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    2019 California Blacktail

    Thanks to everyone for the kind remarks.
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    2019 California Blacktail

    First Blood. Forty minutes into opening day. Savage Super Striker in .308 Winchester. Federal Power Lokt 150 gr. Copper. Copper
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    Stone Glacier Sky 5900 Giveaway!

    Thanks for the chance.
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    Eberlestock J117 II Dragonfly Giveaway!

    Thanks for the giveaway!
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    Best hunting boots????

    I have worn the Lacrosse Burley for many years for the same reasons.
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    Spring Bear

    Terrific bear! Congratulations. Do you have a skull measurement?