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    Spypoint Giveaway!

    Thank you.
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    Reboring a barrel?

    The Shaw kit includes a barrel nut wrench.
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    Reboring a barrel?

    I have 4 Shaw barrels and they are all great,
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    How many hunting packs ???

    Too damned many! Keep trying to find the prefect one.
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    Your Best Buck!!!!

    My best Louisiana Whitetail taken with a pistol in 2021. 71 yds., 161 lbs. (T/C Contender in .357 JDJ). Nothing like a western Muley, but pretty respectable for a Swamp Deer.
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    Primer Seat Depth, Consistency and ES

    I seat my primers by hand with an RCBS primer tool (and before that a Lee primer tool). I have been doing it that way for over 50 years. I have a good feel of the seating process and can feel when the primer is seated in the the primer pocket. I can also feel when something is wrong without...
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    Your Best Buck!!!!

    I always wanted to kill a deer with my pistol and took it on every deer hunt (along with my rifle) waiting for the right opportunity. After wearing most of the blue off of the pistol. I finally realized that I was never going to kill a deer with it as long as I had my rifle along. I joined...
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    Your Best Buck!!!!

    A small Pacific Fork that I killed in Trinity County CA with my .35 Remington XP-100 (my first Blacktail).
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    Your Best Buck!!!!

    And there are still some of them around (in Trinity County).
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    Your Best Buck!!!!

    Best California Non-Typical Blacktail taken with a handgun SCI 123 5/8
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    Your Best Buck!!!!

    Best California Blacktail with a handgun SCI #2 139 4/8
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    Berry Bullets - pistol loading

    I use both Berry's and Xtreme Double End Wadcutters with 3.3 gr. of Tite Group and have had no problems with either bullet. You might lighten up on the crimp and see if that helps.
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    My kid's whitetail

    Great buck!