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    Moose outfitter recommendations

    I am looking into going Moose hunting in B.C. and want some recommendations for outfitters. I have talked to a few and they all offer a list of past "happy clients". I would like to know from guys here who have been there before, if they had a good experience with outfitters. I am not looking...
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    AZ Mule Deer Guide Recommendations

    Thanks for the advice, I have been told to talk to Duwane Adams from other guys. I will give him a call and talk to him.
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    AZ Mule Deer Guide Recommendations

    My son drew a early rifle Kaibab tag this year. In the past I have had some bad experiences (supposedly best guide on the Az Strip) so I want to learn from that and look for a good, hard working guide. I am looking for recommendations..
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    Colorado Mule Deer Unit 22

    I finally drew a Colorado tag in unit 22, 3rd season. I would love for some ideas where to hunt, so then I can also start talking to Game Wardens, biologists, fellow hunters. Any advice would be greatly appreciated
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    Wy Mule deer unit 89 vs 90

    Anyone have a recommendation for Wyoming mule deer 89 vs 90 ? I am just about at the points to draw one, would like to know more about them.
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    Az Strip success

    I just got my Feb/Mar magazine in yesterday, what a toad of a buck!! I have been a long time subscriber, keep up the good work Eastmans!! I know this buck was taken in 13B this last November. I also had a tag in 13B this last year but did not get a chance to see anything bigger than a 3...