Moose outfitter recommendations


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Dec 31, 2014
I am looking into going Moose hunting in B.C. and want some recommendations for outfitters. I have talked to a few and they all offer a list of past "happy clients". I would like to know from guys here who have been there before, if they had a good experience with outfitters. I am not looking for a monster Trophy Bull, but a decent one and a place where I can enjoy hunting with my buddies, have fun back at camp every night. Thanks in advance!


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Aug 9, 2011
Oakdale Ca.
I have hunted moose twice in northern BC, the First as a combo and the second a 2 on 1 hunt with my son. Both times I used Stone Mountain Safaris in Toad River BC. They sold last year to Folding Mountain outfitters, a young couple with now two outfitting areas! feel free to pm me here’s a couple of pictures. Caution, moose hunting is addictive. 3366033661