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    2021 W

    I have hunted mule deer several times in H, and plan to go again this year. A couple hunts were guided in the wilderness area, so that is off the list as a NR unless you go guided. Several of the outfitters in G and H have cut back on their deer hunts until the herd improves. I can name them...

    2020 Javelina Hunt

    JimP; That's the biggest shed that I've ever seen. Did you find the other one?

    My "Western Rifle" Weight

    Husky; I have a removable brake on my 338, and it makes a world of difference, both in sound and recoil. Yup, it still kicks some, but after making the next shot comparison w/o the brake, I went back to using it full time. My bro-in-law and I each bought the Cabela's Tikka T3 ultralite rifle...

    Wy SF0074

    Unfortunately, true. This just serves to make the number of hunters smaller and smaller. We are such a minority now, that I suspect that if Colorado had a referendum to ban all hunting along with their wolf reintroduction that it could pass. If not now, then in the not too distant future...

    Oregon/Canada Vacation Ideas

    My wife is from eastern Washington, so we get out to that area almost every year to visit her extended family. She has always wanted to see Crater Lake, and we finally did that a couple years ago, bringing along our granddaughters. It was near the top of our list of all the N.P.s that we have...

    Where U going to hunt this year???

    Sorry, no pics. I did take a couple with my cell phone of the first attempted slide down the mountain. The big old girl plowed up enough snow in front to stop her after 20 yards or so. No problem, I just had to slide down and give her another push. That worked for another 20 yards except...

    Where U going to hunt this year???

    I just got back from my first western hunt of 2020. It was actually a 2019 WY tag for cow elk, but it was good until Jan. 31st. It was supposed to be easy because the early snow brings them down lower on their winter range. Nope. I could see 75 elk from the bunkhouse, but it took a 4 hour...


    Neat buck with those matching caribou-like back scratchers. I'd guess 170" to 180", making it a 170 class for most of you pros, but for a flatlander amateur like me my take would be; Oh my God...BOOM.

    Found a big one

    That's one way that those big bulls get to be so big....they use decoys. I almost shot a spike on a cow elk hunt a couple years ago; those old cows are using the same tactic.
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    Well I finally got momma set up in the basement

    Wait a minute...this is your wife's stuff? Holy Crap. I would do everything that woman tells me to do as long as she doesn't hurt me.
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    Who else is...

    I've been pretty consistant through the years, as long as I don't rush my shots I tend to hit what I shoot at. 30-06 Tikka w/ 180 gr. Nosler Partitions just centered the gong at 100 and 200 yards. The heavy snow in SW Wyoming has pushed the cow elk right to the edge of my friend's ranch, so...
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    Winter lopes

    It doesn't look like it's too tough for them yet.
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    Archery Elk Opportunity Hunt Suggestion...?

    I can't say that I've ever eaten a "rutted up" elk, moose, deer, or antelope. I've been fortunate to kill five bulls (4 during late Sept. - mid. Oct.), and one cow (January, late season) and they were all excellent table fare. The best so far was the 5x5 that I shot this past Sept. 17th. The...
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    Wolves in Colorado

    That may sound good, but the reality is that wolves are wary and mostly nocturnal making for a very challenging hunt. Targeted trapping or even aerial gunning (or indiscriminate poisoning) are really about the only effective control measures out there. I live in the heart of the NE Minnesota...
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    Who else is...

    I'm in the winter mode, so other than shoveling snow and snowmobiling, my main activity is morning exercises and shop projects. Yesterday, I did some shooting at my home range in prep for a cow hunt in WY, and had to don snowshoes. Just a 400 yard jaunt was a butt kicker. I guess that it's...