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    CO 2nd season story

    Great write up and congrats on two nice bucks!
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    Not many deer on scouting trip

    I scouted that same unit last year around July 24th for two days and saw 1 buck. During the third season we saw dozens of bucks every day. Learn the roads, glassing points, private/public boundaries and camping areas and you will be ready come hunting season.
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    Third season mule deer units 54, 551 or 30?

    Hello, I am planning on hunting mule deer in Colorado in 2016 or 2017 with my son and we both currently have 7 points. Looking for a 3rd season rifle hunt and narrowed it down to a couple units. Does anyone have any insight on units 54, 551 or 30? It appears we could draw some of these units in...
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    1 Shot Gear Giveaway-Sitka 90% Set!

    I could use this gear hunting the Wasatch front.
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    Wyoming deer unit 84?

    A couple questions for folks familiar with unit 84. It looks like checkerboard of private/public land in this unit and a lot of roads. Is most of this land owned by the gas companies and able to be hunted? Are there many bucks in and around Miller Hill? Thanks for any help.
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    Wyoming Antelope Unit 93 Walk-In Advice

    Taking my two boys out on their first antelope hunt next month and wanted to get some advice on the walk-in area in unit 93. Two large tracks of land North of Kemmerer on road 306 that span the Pomeroy basin from Oyster Ridge to Commissary Ridge. I am looking for lots of public land and a place...