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    How many hunting packs ???

    Just wondering how many hunting packs you all have.... I currently own 4 dedicated hunting packs. 3 Eberlestock packs (Slingshot, Gunrunner, X2) and recently acquired a Mystery Ranch Pop Up 38. I also have a meat hauling frame and several military style rucksacks
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    Kenetrek boot size

    So I ended up getting the Kenetrek Mountain extreme NI in 10.5 The boots fit and feel great. Can't wait for my hunt in September.
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    Kenetrek boot size

    I wear size 10 boots for work on a daily basis. I have also used 10.5. Both have worked well. (mostly Danners and Rockys) Currently looking at some Kenetrek Mountain Extremes in 10.5. I'm also thinking about the 1/2 size larger in the event I put on thicker socks or a liner/sock combination...
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    2020 Alternatives

    I'll keep an eye out for CO. Thanks for the tip
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    2020 Alternatives

    Drew an elk tag in Colorado this year... very excited for that. However, I struck out in all the other states I applied for. Currently looking for alternate hunts. NM and AZ nonlonger have leftover tags available. Considering OTC Barbary Sheep in NM or OTC fall bear in AZ. Not sure if there is...
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    What would be your dream hunt?

    Bear/Moose combo hunt somewhere up north has always drawn my attention
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    In the market for a hunting pack

    Thank you. Videos were very informative. I'll apply all the fitting/adjustments once my new pack arrives. Thanks again!!
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    In the market for a hunting pack

    Thank you all for the replies. Ended up getting a Mystery Ranch Pop Up 38.
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    Hands Feee Rifle Carry

    Changing backpacks this season from an Eberlestock to a Mystery Ranch Pop Up 38. Now I need some kind of hands free rifle carry. I'm currently looking at the Mystery Ranch Quick Draw sling, Gun Bearer, Pak-Rat rifle sling, Sling Saddle and others. Any thoughts or experiences with any of the...
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    In the market for a hunting pack

    Hello everyone... I am currently shopping around for a new hunting day pack. I'm looking at bags in the 2000Ci range. Meat shelf preferred and the ability to carry a rifle would be a big plus. I am the owner of an Eberlestock X2. Great pack but no rifle scabbard. I also own an Eberlestock H2...
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    AZ Deer

    No yet but everyone else I know has
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    AZ Deer

    AZ is hitting credit cards. Good luck everyone!!
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    Eberliestock Mainframe. CHEAP

    Is this still a available?
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    Vortex Giveaway!

    Thank you!
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    CC Hits!

    My CC was hit last night for elk. CO DOW system not showing any updates to my application and preference points. At least I know drew a tag.