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  • Andy,
    Thanks for the input. The only reason I got the drop camp was to get me in the outfitter allocation since I didn't have enough points to guarantee a tag in any of the other areas I apply. I lucked into the CO tag and ended up with two tags this year. I am also hoping SJO does a little scouting in the area and can at least get me pointed towards a known big buck area. I would love to hear any info you have on places to start looking. So far I have been looking at Ponderosa pockets and oakbrush areas (according to SWreGap maps) in the Northern Pump Canyon area and another area near the lake called Negro Canyon. For Colorado I am thinking that if it is warm and dry I will hunt either in Grassy Point/East Creek/Lion Canyon area or on the west side in the Red Creek area. If there has been any significant snow I am looking at moving south and starting at Wilkenson Mt/Severn Peak and hunting south into the HD's around Spring Cr. Thanks again for your response.

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