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    Cabon fiber tripods for the heavier glass

    Which model did you go with?
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    Cabon fiber tripods for the heavier glass

    I’m in the market for a new tripod for glass that weighs around the 6-7 pounds. Dose anyone have any experience with the slik 734 or the Sirui T-024sk?
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    Draw Results start tomorrow all week long !!!!

    Credit card Got hit for deer this morning, doesn’t show what unit in my profile.
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    Early Draw !!! Results Friday!!!!!

    221-223 late bull!
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    Early Draw !!! Results Friday!!!!!

    After years of nothing Finally, Drew late rifle elk tag! One of the best units in the state!
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    Early Draw !!! Results Friday!!!!!

    I sure hope they take my points this year! Good luck everyone
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    Burris eliminator lll 3-12x44mm

    Have a brand new Burris eliminator lll scope for sale. The first $850 takes it. ($1300 value)
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    26 Nosler load info

    Hey guys I just bought a 26 Nosler and was wondering if anybody has loaded for this cartridge? One of my buddies has the same gun and it is shooting sub moa, three-quarter inch groups with factory Nosler accubond ammo. With that being said I'm sure those groups can get tightened up to a half...
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    Swaro el range 10x42 vs Leica HD B 10x42

    Hey guys I'm about to pull the trigger on a rangefinding bino and was looking for some input from those who have used both the swaroski EL range and Leica Hd B, in 10x42. My primary use will be for hunting, secondary use long range target shooting. Being a western hunter I like to practice...
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    Optics for sale

    I've decided to put a couple things up for sale if anyone is intrested. A brand new pair of Leupold pro guide HD BX-3 binos in Kryptek Typhon. These have never been opened as I just recived them brand new from leupold warrenty.Leupold upgraded me from what I had before. New they are running...
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    CA sheep tags cut

    This year it looks like they cut alot of tags out in six different zones. As if the odds weren't already bad enough. If the tags being cut will really do some good for our herds I'm all for it, but it's still unfortunate that our odds are going to get worse...
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    CA draw open 2014

    Big game draw is open on California Fish and wildlife website. The time has come. I'll be waiting on a couple other states draw results before I apply. Good luck everyone!
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    Bighorn sheep

    Just got an email from New Mexico Fish&Game! They are issuing three bighorn sheep tags to DIY non-residents in each zone. And those who canceled their applications are getting refunds sent out tomorrow! Lol, yea right! April fools
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    Scope ring problems

    I have a 300 Weatherby with a VX3 Leupold scope. I originally had a set of Leupold rings on it but I had to shim the back and in order to get the crosshairs on paper, I didn't like the whole shim idea because I believed it was affecting the accuracy, plus after banging off about 40 rounds the...
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    2014 Big Game Digest

    To all that are intrested, the big game digest is now avalible online.