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    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas!!!
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    Hey Guys!

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    Missing some forum friends

    I think it a really good idea also. I would be surprised if more than a few guys would make it . If you put pins on the map to where some of us live its quite the spread. I would love to come meet some of you guys as well but the brutal honesty for me is similar it timber stalker. I...
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    529 College Savings

    Your going to get different opinions with this one. I asked are accountant this question 15 years ago . He recommended just a roth ira account ( money has already been taxed) he said you can take the money without penalty for college for your kids . He said if your kids don't end up going...
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    Son in laws desert ram

    Congratulations, awesome
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    6.5 Creedmore Ammo

    It is intimidating but there are so many guys with great utube channels that will walk you through it . You can get as deep into it as you want but once you do it a few times its really quite easy. Gives me something to do in the off season. My initial setup i got off craigslist for 200.00
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    6.5 Creedmore Ammo

    Couldn't find the cartridges in stock anywhere, found the bullets though 😉
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    6.5 Creedmore Ammo

    Hornady 143 eldx .... i also agree with cc. For the prices of the Hornady precision hunter (143 bullet i believe)you can start collecting stuff for reloading
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    Up to 40% off onX Hunt | Black Friday

    I wish there would be some sort of offer/special for us long term customers
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    happy thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone !
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    Leaving today

    Enjoy your time off and good luck
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    Teddy Roosevelt

    Amen cc
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    That Fall Feeling

    Leaves are just starting to change a little bit here in ne ohio. My favorite time of the year.