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    The 2019 Mule Deer Success Thread!

    2018 and 2019 bucks... both opening day bucks that i had scouted... this year's was my #2 choice... if my #1 makes it to next year it will make 3 years of history with him and he will be a true giant.. so im already dreaming and hoping.
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    wyoming guide for elk and deer

    Josh owns Trails west outfitters along with Shoshone lodge outfitters now adays. And you cant go wrong with him if you can draw a tag in 61/62. He is top notch and thats some incredible country. Friend of mine had an incredible DIY archery hunt up there this year ending with a giant bull. Lots...
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    Crispi or kennatrec?

    I cant complain about any kenetreks ive owned over the years. That being said, ive been wearing Crispi boots for the past 3 seasons and have no plans to change brands. Top notch in all versions ive tried, both non insulated and insulated.
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    My 2019 WY Bull

    Great bull! Nothing like solo grizzly hunts to perfect speedy elk breakdown skills!
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    Scouting 2019

    Days are getting shorter.. bucks are finishing growing.. and it's almost go time in a few weeks. Ive watched this buck now 2 years in a row in the exact same highcountry basin as i found him a year ago... not to sure Im going to let him have another free pass though this season..
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    Altitude Sickness- who has gotten it?

    Ive seen it numerous times. Twice in severe circumstance. 1 was a pack trip guest who had never been above sea level in life basically and flew in day before and was at 8000' by that night after 7 hours horseback. I noticed the signs quickly as her headache grew immensely and fast, and by day 2...
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    Mtnguide In The Magazine And On Eastmans' Elevated

    Was able to get it done! I'll post a little more on the story etc over in the goat/moose/sheep forum when i have a little time. Incredible adventure and hunt. Went into it hoping to harvest a mature Billy as the biologists said would be very hard to do, so im very happy to have accomplished my...
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    Mtnguide In The Magazine And On Eastmans' Elevated

    Thank you. Hoping to catch up the this guy i found last weekend again. . Been a fun adventure in some rough and amazing country so far
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    Mtnguide In The Magazine And On Eastmans' Elevated

    Haha. Thanks Scott. Talking me up way more than i deserve. Heading into the hills tomorrow after work for my first hunt of 2019... archery mountain goat here i come!
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    Elk units 86, 92, 94

    I think your data on 86 is a bit off... Cliff creek area is loaded with trucks and trailers all summer and fall long. Non stop people. Horses, trucks and 5th wheelers you name it they are plentiful in there. You can get away from people, but you would need to go more than a couple miles
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    What Makes A Big Mule Deer?????

    Big is big.. you know it when you see them. I am a big fan of big framed deer. I don't care if they are 30"+ width or 26".. I've seen big deer that are both. But for me, like mentioned above, it's the WOW factor that means the most to me over score. But i do prefer to let 180" deer grow if they...
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    Trekking Poles

    I run the Leki micro carbon. Have worked great for me for years and i abuse the hell out of them all summer and fall
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    The Sig BDX System Giveaway!

    I have some pretty important hunts this fall now... so go ahead and pick me! Thanks to eastmans and Sig!
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    Preliminary reports aren't good...

    Preliminary reports of the brutal winter effects on the mule deer in western Wyoming are starting to unfortunately come to truth like I have been expecting. I only think it will get worse the more we see the results. People who think older bucks are the ones who survive seem to forget that the...
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    Wyoming wolves finally!!

    Today is a great day! US district court of appeals overruled the previous ruling from 5 years ago. We will be hunting wolves again in Wyoming soon hopefully!!$file/14-5300-1664135.pdf Sent from my SM-G930V...