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    WY NR Elk Draw Results Tomorrow

    No tag for me so I guess no tag soup this year.
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    Transporting meat out of the field?

    What state is that in?
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    Arizona Elk

    What unit will you be hunting in?
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    Arizona Elk

    Results are out and wondering if anyone drew at tag. I got the dear John notice again this year.
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    Arizona Elk Outfitter

    The address for them is in the post from JimP. I was out looking for a gun this AM and there is nothing in the store that I was at. Not sure what there is to buy so maybe you will get by pretty cheap.
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    Arizona Elk Outfitter

    Thanks Jim for the address. It is the correct one.
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    Arizona Elk Outfitter

    I saw their ad in the back of Az. hunting regulations for elk. They have a web site which I visited and then called them and seems to be good operation.
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    Arizona Elk Outfitter

    Looking at elk hunt in unit 1 or 27 and asking if anyone has hunted with Knight Outfitters of Springerville. Az? Have checked with other outfitters but would like to follow up with these guys.
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    Alaska Fishing Trip

    Take a look on web for Angling Unlimited in Sitka. We have been going there for 6 seasons and they do a great job on the salt for halibut, salmon and bottom fish. Small town with some decent food and activities but then we are only there for 5days. Could split that trip with another...
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    What do you want for the small primers?
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    How many pistol primers do you have and are they large or small?
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    The time is almost here again...

    It is harder to find a good hunting partner that almost any other relationship. I have had guys that have gone along that you had to kick them to get them out of the way so you could do everything for them. I certainly have been blessed to have a son who puts in the effort and never...
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    Poachers... What a joke!

    Were the license for unit 61 or some other unit? My son has waited 25 years for a bull tag in unit 61 and still is waiting. Even though we are non-residence it is stealing from us and the penalty should be allot worse than what they were.
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    How many of you will get the Covid shot?

    Only after our politician take it before anyone else.... Let them prove that it is safe for the rest of us.
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    So...What are your plans for 2021?

    Hope My son and I will draw elk in Arizona and if not then will use points to draw in Colorado.