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    Elk Unit 41

    I had a rude awakening this weekend, the elk aren?t where I left them. I spent most of the late September archery season hunting the wilderness off of forrest service road 17 and saw a lot of elk. Passed on some smaller bulls and chased around a monster 6x6, but did not take a 60 yard shot...
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    Any 375 H&H shooters out there

    260-grain accubond at 2700 FPS makes for a great do it all load.
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    Maps and GPS

    New to Wyoming, been here for about 2 months. In the past mostly hunting in AZ, I have been spoiled by Flat-line maps. Great unit specific maps. What are the best unit specific maps for Wyoming? I have spent some time online, but haven't found anything that really jumped out at me yet, and I...
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    What’s your perfect hunting battery.

    Recently read an old article, “The Dirty Dozen”, It was basically a list of 12 rifles that you could hunt the world with. Some very specialized and other geared towards general purpose rifles. It got me thinking, I don’t think I need 12. I have gotten my list down to 6, to include 1 pistol...
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    Please explain WY preferance points vs wait time

    I'm fairly new to hunting the west. I moved to AZ from PA 4 years ago and have been hunting as a resident of that state for the last three years. We got a job offer out here and I jumped on the opportunity to hunt the west. I have gotten Elk, Antelope, Deer and Javalina tags without a...
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    Moving to Wyoming

    Moving to Worland from Flagstaff AZ. I have hunted WY antelope a few times in unit 1, but that's it. Looking forward to the move, but a bit apprehensive about learning another states draw system. Hunting interests include archery, if you want to hunt AZ regularly, you need to do it with a...