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    My cattle ranch is burning

    That sucks! Hopefully they get it under control soon.
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    Dream Season Mounts

    Really nice bucks and mounts
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    Archery Targets

    Here's my target butt with a my Solo Elk target. It's a 2d full size elk. I've had it for 3yrs and it holds up well. They have all kinds of available ad the work with Block targets.
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    How often do you change cables and strings ?

    I usually change my strings every two years, since I shoot a lot. I currently have my strings made by 60x. Mine typically wear out at the cable roller.
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    Cabin Build - Timeline with lots of pics.

    Looks good!
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    Success in Nevada

    Great buck congrats!
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    Monsoons Have Started.

    Here in SE WY it's been hot and dry with very little rain. The forest and grass field are tinder box dry. I hope we get some moisture soon!
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    Colorado Women Going Topless om Mtn Tops

    I guess folks will be glassing different racks this season. I always wondered how they sold so many OTC tags!
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    Like stated it's been really dry in SE WY the last couple weeks. I've been in the mountains around the state and antler growth seems pretty good. Been seeing some large moose with great growth. It should be a good fall.
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    2 Blade Fixed Broadhead, No Blood Trail

    I've taken a lot of elk with two blade Magnus Stinger Buzzcuts 100 & 125. There was no bleeder blade. The blood trails were pretty easy to follow. I've had other people mention the same thing you posted. I've also helped track some other hunters elk using three blades and the blood trails...
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    AZ Jimmy John Bull

    Here's a better picture of him so you can see all the points. Look at the mass and the length on this bull.
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    220 Year Old Elk Antlers

    That's a pretty cool find. There were a lot of elk until we settled this country and shot them for food to survive. It wasn't about the horn, but the meat.
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    AZ Jimmy John Bull

    Here's supposedly a trail camera picture of him last year.
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    AZ Jimmy John Bull

    Probably has some of the Jimmy John delivery boys packing it for him!
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    AZ Jimmy John Bull

    I heard he got it for $225k. You are correct most of the money goes to conservation.