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    2022 AZ Mule Deer Buck

    In AZ
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    2022 AZ Mule Deer Buck

    I was fortunate to take this buck yesterday evening. The shot was 25yds. I was hunting over water. I just couldn’t pass him up.
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    My kid's whitetail

    Very nice buck congrat!
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    80 YR Old Minnesota Woman Kills Her 9th Bull Elk

    This lady didn’t start hunting until later in life. Good for her!
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    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas everyone!
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    Early Secret Santa Gift

    Yep it’s 3 inch
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    Early Secret Santa Gift

    Here’s some pictures. It comes with three chokes (full, modified, and improved modified). Also what’s chokes would you guys recommend. I’ll mainly be hunting quail and pheasants. Boy it’s light at 6lbs. It’ll make carry in the field a dream. JimP my wife bought it for me since my birthday...
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    Early Secret Santa Gift

    Well I’ve always wanted an O/U and my nice wife’s bought me one. It’s a Weatherby 20ga. I can’t wait to shot some pheasants with it.
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    Bruiser Blacktail With A Handgun

    Great buck congrats!
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    Son in laws desert ram

    That's a very nice ram congrats!
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    ID Monster Cactus Buck

    Once in a lifetime buck!
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    Sure no problem.

    Sure no problem.
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    Investments - what has served you well?

    I agree listen to Dave Ramsey he has sound financial advice. I've done pretty well by myself using a reputable investment company. If you think your not capable to invest yourself definitely get in contact with a good financial planner. My wife and myself have a lot of pensions coming in with...
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    Sheep judging tips and tactics

    Good luck!
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    Leaving today

    Congrats and patiently waiting for pictures.