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    Drone Ruins Sandhill Crane Hunt

    To bad you didn't down the drone. Good luck on your next hunt!
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    My First Ca Bear

    Awesome bear! congrats!
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    Monster Muley Shot By 14yr Old

    This buck was shot by a 14yr old girl in Saskatchewan this fall. What a beast of a buck.
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    2021 Hunting Success Thread

    Some great animals taken keep posting.
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    Finally, 2021 Wyoming Unit 26 Moose Hunt Tag!

    Congrats on a fine bull! Lot's of great meat from a moose.
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    Backup Bow?

    I have back-up bows, but never take an extra one with me. I know things can happen, but I always make sure I have new strings and my serving is new etc. I have had serving or a d-loop come undone, but I always have the knowledge and means to repair it in the field. Also when I've been on hunts...
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    Who else is...

    Ran 3 miles after two weeks of bowhunting elk last month. Didn't fill my tag yet, but rifle season opens the 15th. No rest for the weary😉😉
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    WY Grizzly Attack Injures Hunter

    Here's a video of a Yellowstone Ranger being charged this year.
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    Black Powder Hunter Kills Bowhunter in CO

    In the article states he saw white. I'm pretty sure this area is 4pt or better and you need to verify if the elk is legal before shooting. I wondering if the season was ending and he got an itchy trigger finger. I was taught by my dad you always indentify your target before shooting.
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    Black Powder Hunter Kills Bowhunter in CO

    I'm not sure if this has been posted. The black powder Hunter broke the golden rule and didn't indentify his target. Sad situation all around.
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    WY Grizzly Attack Injures Hunter

    At least the hunter didn't get killed. The sow and cubs didn't fair well. We definitely need a grizzly season.
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    First Elk ever!

    Congrats on a great bull! I bet you can't wait to come back.
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    2021 Elk Success Thread

    Awesome congrats!
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    2021 AZ Archery Coues Buck

    This buck was just recently shot in AZ at 36yds. Thought you all might like to see it.
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    Getting ready for the kids moose hunt

    Nice bull good luck on youre son's hunt. Lot's of great moose in Colorado it just takes patience to locate the right one.