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    2021 Fishing

    On the road home from our long weekend at a resort fishing camp in the UP. Had a great time will get some more picks posted in the next few days..
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    Official Post Padding Thread

    Wow thats crazy find
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    2021 Elk Success Thread

    Aweaome elk guys
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    2021 Hunting Success Thread

    Great lope, nice pack out
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    2021 Hunting Success Thread

    Nice buck congrats
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    2021 Hunting Success Thread

    Awesome congrats to him
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    Back from my African Bowhunt (video)

    Awesome video looks like a blast
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    Who else is...

    Lot of fall clean up projects around the house last few days. On the to a cabin on a lake in the UP to do some fishing for a long weekend.
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    2021 AZ Archery Coues Buck

    Great coues deer congrats
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    Sitka bino harness giveaway!

    The awesome Ontario trip we did in 2018
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    Who else is...

    Monday morning good run and lift this morning before going to the doctors for some more work on the foot
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    2021 success Thread!!

    Im on a very long deer drought l Hope to finally snap it this year. Been 10 years. Last year and 2017 I dont really count against myself as last year I lost to covid and 2017 to my grandfathers passing.
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    Who else is...

    Friday was a busy relaxing day for a start of vacay. Canned a batch of salsa and visited my grandma. And then went out to dinner with the family was a good day. Saturday. Went to a hunt expo I michigan that had a kuiu both qnd finally got to try some stuff on to figure out my size with...
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    2021 Elk Success Thread

    Beautiful bulls
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    Who else is...

    Thursday Recumbent bike 25 mins 8.79 miles