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    Load Development Ruger #1 - .300 Wby

    Looks like its a shooter! Happy for you. I know you were looking forward to getting it all dialed in. Hopefully you get to test it on an unlucky elk this upcoming year!
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    StaBall Winchester

    looks like a shooter to me!
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    Gun Confiscation!

    ^^ THIS "But as was mentioned we can spend billions on protecting a far off country but we can't find the money to protect our children." Heading to my kids 5th grade graduation in a few minutes. Makes a guy stop and think for sure. I truly feel so bad for the parents of those children in...
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    350 Legend

    I killed my Illinois buck this year waaaay out through the woods. If I am going to be taking those kind of shots I pretty much want my inline anyhow. It will shoot the fly's off a cats ass at 200...I just don't like the hassle associated with it. I am "in process" of refurbishing an 870 slug...
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    350 Legend

    "A single-shot rifle that is." This is an important part of the puzzle. Funny thing is that gun shops in the south were selling the hell out of 350 legend uppers to guys who were going to Illinois to hunt the rifle season last year. I had a bunch of guys telling me that they were legal and...
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    What's everyone up to?

    Backfilled, graveled, and pressure washed all day yesterday. Starting the garage today. Then I had to give this savage a bath and then he went over to the nearest dirt pile and did this.....he was pretty proud of himself...
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    350 Legend

    They have been tryin to pass this for years and it has been sitting there going nowhere. Do you have a link to the bill and its progression? If this passes I might pick me up one of these and a set of dies. AR-15 Complete Uppers | Ships to Your Door - 350 Legend ( Or just...
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    Eastmans' Survey

    Took it.
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    What's everyone up to?

    I'll give you guys a fair warning when mine starts to drive. She was driving the side by side across the field yesterday with her friend... Lord have mercy when she gets a car. She's going to be off my insurance for sure....
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    Summer Scouting

    It feels like holding my Colorado deer points is like betting on the stock market. Hold them too long and they might be worth nothing. Burn them too soon and I feel like I could miss out. lol I'm certainly not getting a warm fuzzy feeling about holding out for the 4th rifle like I had...
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    Summer Scouting

    I noticed the success rates for 3rd season were MUCH higher than the 4th season in a couple of the units that I was eyeballing.....I wondered if a lot of the better bucks were actually getting killed in the third season these last few years.
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    Summer Scouting

    Sad future outlook coming from a guy who lives in the heart of some of the best Deer Country in Colorado. Hopefully with now that we are on the downswing of the late seasons things will get better. This year will tell us a lot about how those later season affected the older age category bucks I...
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    Utah draw results

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    What's everyone up to?

    ^^^ LVP? Love that stuff.