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    Dolores County Colorado Hunting Accident

    I had a kid shoot a foam turkey decoy with a 10 gauge placed on a field edge 15 feet in front of me one year. It hardly even looked like a turkey...and ironically, this happened to me in PA... There are a LOT of people who shoot first and ask questions later.
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    Dolores County Colorado Hunting Accident
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    Late Fawn Drop

    I saw fawns with spots all across the Midwest. Makes me kinda glad that we chose to hunt the third week of the rut in Illinois.
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    First Elk ever!

    Very cool. I had a moose in Colorado give me the stink eye in the dark one time. Honestly, I wasn't too concerned at the time but after the fact I though back about it and always wondered what his issue Clearly he wasn't scared of me.
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    Time For Spring Hunts Applications

    I gave up on babysitting my friends. They all get the emails just like me. lol
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    Dolores County Colorado Hunting Accident

    Just spitballing here but I wonder if there was an argument. I find it hard to believe that it was accidental unless this happened at camp while loading the thing. * I did hear that the archery hunter had a decoy attached to his bow * Don't know if its true or not though.
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    2021 Hunting Success Thread

    Shot this buck on the second to the last day of my hunt from the ground. 15 yard shot. Went about 100 yards. When I got him back to the vehicle at 10:00PM it was 81 degrees out still.
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    Swarovski Bino's

    Great price on some super glass.
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    .300 Weatherby Brass

    Can you just run an expander ball with lube through the case mouth to get the extra .020 out of it or will it weaken the brass? I have never sized up anything expect for .223 to 300 AAC and that involves trimming the brass back with a little saw setup (Which is really slick actually) and...
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    Alberta Waterfowl 2021 Early Season Report

    Thats the most pinnies I ever seen stacked up. lol
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    .300 Weatherby Brass

    Nice offer CC! Did you get your new gun all dialed in yet?
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    Lake Clark National Park; Chilikondrotna river float

    Super cool! Thanks for sharing!
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    Time to buy points.

    Kind of a sick joke, I know. lol
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    Time to buy points.

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    Possible Poached Mule Deer Buck Idaho

    Until they financially ruin people for doing this crap, it will never stop. I remember seeing this guys mug shot a while back with a lot of people asking questions. The only thing that got him caught was his facebook posts. How much of this crap is going on that we never hear about...