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    Colorado units 12,13 and 24 questions

    I would keep my expectations pretty low.
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    Sources of Revenue for Wyoming Game and Fish

    Any way you skin it western states with preference points are making a KILLING from preference point sales. Furthermore, I have always thought that having to buy a small game license to purchase preference points is crooked nonsense. Any my favorite part is after they get done screwing you dry...
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    CZ Looking At Buying Colt

    Interesting. My friend has a CZ .22 rifle. He likes it and likes the company because at the time they were making a lot of left handed models. Not sure if they still do or not. Than .22 is a dang tack driver with about any ammunition you put through it.
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    DIY elk euro hanger

    Great hangers. Thanks for getting them to me so quickly. Cant wait to show off my GA slammers! Well, one day, when I have a home I will... lol
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    Wyoming Elk with 12 Points

    Archery or Rifle?
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    First time out West hunting

    I am just wondering if I am the only person who was so OCD that they had to look up the "word" "Ahsential". lol
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    Exploring new tech in big game recovery

    If I ever hit a deer at grid location A4 (Hit and sunk) I will give you a call! Sorry, I couldn't help myself. lol
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    Exploring new tech in big game recovery

    Sounds like your all set to go find deer for people who are helpless then. Enjoy!
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    Exploring new tech in big game recovery

    Also you need to be very careful to operate within each states regulations...for instance I had to have a separate test to operate in NC. You will need a Daylight Operations Waiver to operate at night if I recall and they dont issue those overnight. So thats something to think about. A waiver...
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    Alaska Fishing Trip

    Dont go to Petersburg too early in the spring. This much I can tell you first hand. lol I caught one small fish in 8 hours of fishing. Everyone was saying how bad the fishing was. 2 weeks after we left the fishing was great according to the outfitter.
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    Gun Build

    I literally think #4 every time I see someone ask about a custom gun. Mostly because I am cheap. Even if I was a millionaire I would still just shoot my trusty A-bolt. Ok, so maybe I would upgrade to a McMillan stock for target Why pay the money for a custom gun to shoot .5 MOA...
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    1st Elk hunt White River NaTional Forest.

    What kid of shape are you in? Why not just apply for a 1st season rifle tags that you have a good chance on drawing?
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    Guys in the market?

    If I was retiring in the next 5 years I would move my money to something safe now. But thats just me.
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    2021 Fishing

    I'll be in Maine Hunting snowshoe hares and ice fishing for a few days the second week of February. Its been a long time since I ice fished or ran hares with beagles for that matter. Neither activity is very popular in the south. 😄
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    DIY spring bear hunt recommendations ?

    A buddy of mine went to Idaho a few years ago and had a real good hunt. They didn't kill any bears but they should have killed several. His hunting partners were less than adequate from the sounds of things. If I recall the tags were OTC and they went pretty early and the only bears that were...