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    Garmin headsets

    Anyone have any experience of headsets for the Garmin two-way radios/gps systems? We have the Rino 530HcX, but find the PTT button random unless pressed on precisely the sweet spot, and even then it causes intermittent buzzing even a short distance with clear line of sight. Was wondering if...
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    Doe down!

    My blacktail doe shot this weekend at 40yds in the Mill Creek unit - about 110lbs. Freezer's looking good again this year!
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    Eagle Cap Wilderness

    Well just got back from another successful hunt of the Minam Unit where I killed a 4pt muley. Also, most of the buffalo have now be round up and fenced back in on private land. However, we did come cross this rogue large male hiding behind some bushes about 20 ft from us when we were out on the...
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    Oregon Minam Unit Muley Down 2011!

    Our second consecutive successful season in the Oregon Minam Unit, this time getting myself a nice little 4-point. Conditions were tough, from one extreme to another, starting opening day at 85F and by three days later sub-freezing with snow and howling winds up on Bear Wallow. I got this buck...
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    And fall bear begins

    My black bear (sow about 2.5-3.5yrs old) I shot on the Oregon Coast range with my Rem 300 UM...weighed in at 150lb and shot at 180 yds.
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    Packs for

    Considering a new backpack specifically designed for women. So far I am looking at this or this and am interested in anyone lady hunters' reviews of...
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    Hunter Ethics?

    @JasonH - must be the time of year for treeing themselves - mine did the same. @sjsmallfield - Attached is the pic - 150lbs and 180yds
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    Scope for an Ultra Mag?

    So my husband just totally spoiled me for my upcoming birthday and bought me the Remington 300 Ultra Mag I have been wanting. It came with a relatively standard 30-06 capacity scope so I want to upgrade to something for long distance - mostly for bear hunting, but also would use it for the long...
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    Oregon Blacktail Kill Thread

    5 x 4 blacktail