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    What's Wrong With A Muzzle Break?

    I like hunting rifles with lower recoil, I can shoot heavier stuff just fine just don't see the need for it. My main hunting cartridges are #1) 270win #2) 25-06rem #3) 7mm0-08rem so I very seldom lose the animal in the scope unless they're really close and then it doesn't really matter. Lower...
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    6.5 Creedmoor

    I know a lot of people use them for elk but there are much better choices for such a tough animal. Your 30-06 is perfect for elk as far as I'm concerned. Why not put a better recoil pad on and see if that mellows it out. But buy all means buy a new gun just for the sake of having another rifle.
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    What's Wrong With A Muzzle Break?

    I've shot a couple of larger caliber rifles with a brake and it really tames them, recoil-wise. But personally when I'm shooting at the range when someone else shows up with a brake on I leave. I can not shoot under the same roof(ours is tin) as someone with a muzzle brake. That said I've been...
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    Success in Nevada

    Very nice, I haven't had the chance yet to hunt pronghorn but I sure want to. I've never looked into scoring or judging pronghorn is he as big as he looks? Congratulations to your son.
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    Moon phase and mule deer

    I would want to be there for the whole season, you can scout pretty efficiently with a rifle in hand. The more days you have to hunt should mean that you have a better chance of success. Yes some get lucky on the first day but I would venture a guess that most guys put a fair view days and miles...
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    How do you scout for a late/2nd season hunt

    Depending on the rut timing in your unit the beginning of November could be not just pre rut, you might be hitting it perfect. Might depend on elevation, snow weather, etc, but at that time of year if you find the does you are very likely to see some bucks. When I see an area with lots of does...
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    Sons first elk!!!

    Hunting partner for life hopefully. Congratulations to the young man and to dad for making it happen. Antlerless elk has to be one of the best eating wild meats there is. Every time it gets served at the dinner table he is going to feel very good, proud.
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    Alpine Scouting and Hiking 2020

    With family and friends I've hiked into some of my favourite alpine areas this past summer plus a few which were completely new to me. Since I was seldom solo any real amount of time behind the glass was limited to say the least. Trails and sign were duly noted along with routes in, possible...
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    338 Win barrel length

    I would say it depends on your hunting style, for me personally I don't like a barrel longer than 22" mainly because I hike a lot in the mountains. Still hunting is my favourite method closely followed by spot and stalk so I find a shorter barrel handier. I also backpack hunt a fair bit so...
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    Winter Texan says hi y'all

    Welcome. We may hunt completely different geography but the animals are the same. My whitetail hunts are mountainous but it's still a whitetail.
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    Shoot or Pass?

    If I came upon that buck in the mountains I hunt there would be no hesitation. If I was presented with a good shot opportunity I would shoot. I hunt an area with four point antler restrictions(on one side excluding eye guards) so he would most definitely be legal. Nice buck. Just a question did...
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    High Country Muleys 2020 who's in?

    I plan on getting up into the mountains for lots of hiking/scouting trips with one of my girls this coming summer. With youth season starting on September 1-9 I hope to get out with my youngest. Then every weekend until either I tag out or the season ends on November 10. One longer trip for a...
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    Kentucky Whitetail

    Congratulations on a successful hunt. Just curious but what kind of accuracy do you usually get with your slug gun/scope?
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    First Buck!

    Congratulations to your young hunter, the first is always special. That is a nice first deer, in fact it's bigger than some of the deer I've taken in the last couple of years.
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    CO 2nd season story

    Wonderful write-up and two very nice deer to fill the freezer. Congratulations on a great hunt and the persistence to make it happen.