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    Idaho MRS?

    It is starting to seem like I am getting the issues with the MRS section for most states right after the application deadline. Has anyone received the issue with the Idaho deer and elk MRS? Deadline is in 3 days.......seems silly to subscribe to the magazine if the info arrives too late to be...
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    Oregon Coastal Blacktail Video

    My first attempt at filming a blacktail hunt. Pretty tough fall for me as far as seeing mature bucks went. Time to start planning next falls hunts!
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    My Shiras Moose Hunt Video

    Well I finally got around to putting what footage and pictures we got on my moose hunt into video form. Not the steady stream of bulls I was hopeful to call in but it's a good representation of Western Idaho moose hunting I think....
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    Wild Diet

    A few months ago I was scrolling thru podcasts looking for something to listen to. I somehow found my way to "The Fat Burning Man" podcast with Abel James. He seemed to make sense so I ordered his cookbook The Wild Diet and my wife and I started following Abel's advice. It's a paleo based diet...
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    Idaho Moose Hunting

    Well the stars finally lined up for me to go on my first Shiras (any actually) Moose hunt. I found out yesterday I drew a OIL moose tag and I'm really excited to learn all I can about Idaho moose hunting. Has anyone that frequents this forum successfully hunted moose in Idaho? I drew a west...
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    This years bear hunt.....I'll let the video tell the story!

    Didn't have to hunt long this year. :D
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    My Spring Bear Video....first attempt at filming a hunt!

    Let me know what you all think. I was on a quick learning curve on how to do some basic editing yesterday. A few pictures of the hunt....
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    Anybody else getting hacked at on here?

    I got an email from Eastmans telling me somebody tried numerous times to log in to my account here. Anybody else have that problem? I got a spam PM a few weeks ago too. Another question..... They sent me the IP address of the perp. Is there a way to look up where those originate??
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    Spring bear tags anyone?

    Got mine! So far it's always been a given...
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    Mathews Swithback poundage range??

    Trying to help a friend set up a Switchback and she wants to turn the poundage down as low as possible. It's rated for 70 lb's. How low can I safely set it? I've never owned a Mathews bow and don't know much about them. I do know I have owned several bows that had a 15# weight range. Now they...
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    Oregon Coast Spring Bear 2013

    I was able to fill my spring bear tag a few days ago so I figured I should post a few pics.... I was getting a little anxious due to only seeing one bear so far in 6 weeks of hunting but I still hunted within 50 yards of this guy the other evening and he filled the bill nicely. Not the biggest...
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    "The Total Package" ram story from 25th Anniversary Issue

    Does anybody know what that ram scores? I assumed it was a Rocky Mt ram from the picture but just read the article and all Bradley Visser says about the score is that it is the new Idaho record. One of the most impressive California Bighorns I have ever seen!
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    My wolf made it into Fur Fish and Game

    Thanks to my oldest son Ben the story of our wolf hunt is in the current issue of Fur Fish and Game. I could be biased but I feel Ben did an outstanding job and I'm very proud of him for getting his first article published and making a couple bucks at it. I have been holding out on posting the...
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    Bear Ham

    In case anybody is interested..... I decided to try having some ham made from my spring bear. I just got it back from Willamina Meat and it turned out great! They are a local company that has made us ham and bacon from 4H pigs over the years and since the kids have outgrown 4H I have been...
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    Spring bear baiting

    I've been having good success here in Oregon killing big spring bears spot and stalk with my old 30-30 but I recently decided I am going to try and fulfill a long held goal of baiting in a big boar to kill with my bow. Looks like several units in Idaho allow baiting and some have very affordable...