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    Ranching for Wildlife tags

    I think the RWF have come a long ways from what they were when they first started. Obviously it helps to shop around and know all the details of each hunt. Some ranches can be loaded with cow elk hunters the same dates as bull. Some ranches may be the toughest time of year to hunt a...
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    NM oryx?

    I assume you are talking about the monthly hunts? I'm sure part of it is it's off-season for other big game species. If that's the same time as some of the base hunts there is the chance that oryx get spooked off the base hunts into your hands. Oryx generally hole up when it's windy and cold...
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    Range Finding Binos?

    Not to start a controvercy but for almost all western situations 10x binos plus a spotter are the way to go. I'm not a coues hunter so see no need for 15x. They are to big to hand hold and to small to field judge game. 15x would be great for around a truck or for sitting in one spot all day...
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    Decide my fate - spotting scope

    I would steer clear of 15x binos for antelope and open country deer hunting. 10x are great for spotting and 60x spotter is great for field judging and spotting game in thicker brush. The name of the game for antelope, deer, and other game is field judging bucks. You''ll soon find that 15x...
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    Range Finding Binos?

    I bought a Leica combo a couple years ago and LOVE them! No more fumbling back and forth between binos and rangefinder. It takes a fraction of a second to press a button and get the distance to critters. A few seconds may be the difference between harvesting an animal and him escaping! My...
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    Unit 16 Elk Wyoming

    As Alan mentioned there are a gob of cow hunters during the first season. There are roads everywhere in 16 so it can be fairly tough finding isolated country without cow hunters. With this pressure the bulls often disappear onto private land.
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    Trophy Tree

    They have a few trees that are on discount on Amazon for $114 + free shipping. I bought 2 more! They look great and that's a good deal!
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    Rain jacket

    If you want the best breathable go with Kuiu or Sitka. On that I’ve had great results that’s on $50 each is marmot precious from Sierra trading. Make sure your jackets have pitzips so they breath. Jelly Henson are great for camp or boat when not active
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    Trophy Tree

    I ended up ordering a trophy tree at a discount. Should be very nice! The cost of a DIY is cheaper (metal post $25, flange $7, hangers $2 x 5+$10) but it would save time building a platform and be a lot classier looking.
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    Trophy Tree

    I like the small, clean look of the skull hooker metal pipe and black paint. It makes the skull and antlers stand out nicely. I've been piecing together a way to build a skull tree at the fraction of the cost. Metal pipe with threads on one end, metal flange, strapping tape, and black...
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    Trophy Tree

    That’s a great way to display a bunch of skulls? Is that a skull hooker trophy tree or did you make it yourself? I’ve thought of trying to make one myself but not sure of what materials to use.
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    Unit 16 Elk Wyoming

    As mentioned above, a lot of the biggest bulls head to the giant Q Ranch. Some bulls head completely out of the unit late in the year if there is deep snow. There are roads scattered all over the public with lots of cow be prepared. It can be a fun hunt if you do a lot of prep...
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    Antelope numbers and tags issued?

    South and south-central Wyo got hammered by deep snow last winter. There was an incredible amount of winterkill in that area. I spent several weeks in that area this summer/fall and there were very few mature bucks that made it through the winter. As mentioned above, numbers were way down...
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    Moon phase and mule deer

    I think moon phase can definitely be a factor to keep in mind. Some areas it may be more important than others. If hunting areas with deep timber and it's extremely hot weather with a full moon my guess is you will likely see few bucks during daylight hours. In areas with lots of open country...
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    WYOMING Unit 82 Deer

    I guess it's all what kind of experience you want. I wouldn't go into an 82 hunt thinking it will be a quality experience. 82 is loaded with hunters on public land....and it's pretty tough to get away from them because of all the roads. It could be pretty frustrating! Take a look at the...