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    A good book

    I have read a couple of books on the Lewis and Clark adventures and found them quite interesting. On the number of animals killed for such a relatively small party you have to remember that they had no way of preserving it except for drying it out, and that process takes time to do
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    Anyone ever done a "safari-style" hunt in Wyoming?

    I wouldn't try it just because of the time. As was mentioned if you have a month then go for it but if you only plan on being out there for a week I would concentrate on just one or the other.
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    However you just might pay for it later
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    What do you do with your horns/antlers?

    I gave away a truck load of both deer and elk antlers to a so called friend who was going to make a couple of knifes for me, he was using them as handle material. Needless to say he moved back east and took the antlers with him and I still haven't received 1 knife and that was 25 years ago...
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    that post came out weird
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    Grim Odds.

    Unless the OTC tag has a draw involved it doesn't come into play. Only if that tag was involved in a draw before it went to OTC. The only big game tag that is over the counter in Utah are archery elk, spike elk, and any bull elk tags, and they have caps. Everything else is through the draw.
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    Grim Odds.

    Utah is setting it to where if you purchase a OTC tag for what a draw was involved then you loose them. Lets take archery buck deer for a example. There are a couple of units in Utah that always have left over tags after the draw, this is because the units are mostly private and getting...
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    Grim Odds.

    Utah has points for everything that involves a draw. Most of the points are bonus points where there are a few that have preference points. I have always said that a person needs a lawyer in the family to explain all of the draws in the western states.
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    Grim Odds.

    The nice thing about Colorado's points is that there are only animal specific points. Elk points are just elk points, bull or cow they are the same points. Utah on the other hand has both bonus points and preference points. Cow tags are separate from bull tags and doe points are separate...
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    Sig Sauer Kilo 2000

    A trick to use with any rangefinder if you are having problems locking onto the animal at extended ranges is to use a rock near the animal. It will reflect the laser easier than a animals hide will.
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    How Young Is Too Young (To Hunt)

    It would be nice if most of the states would standardize the hunter safety requirements. Here in Colorado if you were born before 1949 you are exempt, other states if you are older that 18 you are exempt, others say that you plain need it if you are under 18 or so but after that you don't...
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    Africa 2021

    Actually the hunt itself along with a few other animals is the cheap part. All of which can be done for less than $10,000. Most outfitters in South Africa have specials with up to 8 or so animals on the list and then you can do a alacart type where if you see a animal that you want to shoot...
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    Grinders, Slicers, and the rest......

    I have a friend up in Wyoming who is going on 2600 lbs of meat through a $100 Northern Tool 1/2 hp grinder in 8 years.
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    How Young Is Too Young (To Hunt)

    On hunter safety I think that they should ban the parents from the classes and test, both the written and range ones. The kids will never learn if their parents are answering the questions and I saw one instance where they allowed a parent to actually do the range shooting for the kid. On a...