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    That really made my day!
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    Mount Pictures

    Looks great!
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    Spypoint Giveaway!

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    Independence Ranch hog hunt.

    Yeah, just glancing at the fine print I'm already seeing nickles and dimes.
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    Independence Ranch hog hunt.

    So apparently I won an Independence Ranch hog hunt. I remember putting my name in for such a drawing on the assumption that I wouldn't win. But now that I've actually been drawed I'm wondering if any one knows anything about these guys. I mean they have a nice website but that dont say much...
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    Beautiful cats!
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    What's your personal challenge?

    Another one is every species this state has to offer. Deer, elk, pronghorn, black bear, ibex, barbary sheep, orix, javelina, bighorn sheep, and cougar.... I think that's all.
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    Deer Unit 30 youth season

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    What's your personal challenge?

    Caribou hunt with my step daughters.
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    2020 Turkey Picture Thread

    I got my first gobbler ever this weekend! Through sheer luck and Gods good Grace's. I was hunting through a stand of cotton woods when I encountered him. He had this look of "oh crap it's a hunter" on his face and did a 180. I shot that thing at about 15 yards. I should have waited a little...
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    2020 draw results thread

    Unit 2 bull any legal for me.
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    Happy Easter!
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    The Memes Thread!

    Stop giving the libtards ideas!
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    2020 Fishing

    More trout fishing from a kayak!
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    Bear hunting tips

    Um there's not many berries where I hunt. Some yucca, pine nuts, and acorns though. So I'll attempt to adapt your advice to that. Please keep the advice coming. I'm a terrible hunter.