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    Unit 54 Idaho Mule Deer

    wow, id say you made the right mistake. i've seen some dandy bucks in that unit, dandy bulls too! think closer to the nevada border...
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    Tikka T3x .300 win mag

    Barnes i s where it's at. 180G
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    Tikka T3x .300 win mag

    T3x in .300, who else is shooting this rifle? what "factory" loads are you liking for it?
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    Idaho OTC

    agreed, they need to turn those over to a controlled tag. even for residents it is a race to get the tag you want in certain prime zones. as always when so many people are trying to purchase the same thing at the same time there will most certainly be some crash issues making it a mess for...
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    Eastman's Click Bait- National Elk Refuge To Starve Elk

    i am confused. nothing about it is misleading as says exactly what is going to happen.
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    Sad story but a hell of a way to go.
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    On The Go Hunting Maps

    I think this would be an awesome thread!
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    My 2019 Idaho archery elk

    awesome!! congrats!
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    Forum Banner Update Contest!

    One of those perfect mornings with a thick fog lifting up revealing it's freah painting.
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    Kifaru 44 Mag Giveaway

    Wow, thanks!
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    The 2019 Elk Success Thread

    Brother's son's first archery elk
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    Idaho Upping Prices?

    I would miss you Fink.
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    Who is bowhunting where?

    desert mule deer and mountain elk here in Idaho
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    Mountain Ridge Gear Duffel Bag Set!

    this would be awesome! thanks mountain ridge and Eastman's. now lets get September here a little sooner!!!