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    Southern Wyominig - Early Winter Deer Kill

    I can't image a little cold spell in October killing a lot of deer. The deer I've seen look fine.
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    Youth tags?

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    Youth tags?

    Same draw pool, just different price.
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    Antelope movement after dark

    He is almost guaranteed to be in the area in the morning. A few variables exist such as weather events and migration, but aside from that, antelope bucks rarely go far from their home territory in that short time frame.
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    Colorado muzzy, high or low?

    That's why I said "generally"! More power to ya if the road gets ya there . . . I wish I would have had a closer vehicle to get either of these two muleys out . . .
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    Bighorn Basin Whitetails

    Looking for information in hunting whitetails in the Bighorn Basin. There appears to be a lot of areas. Most of the riverbottom appears to be private, as usual. For those of you with actual first hand experience there, what area(s) would you recommend based on: 1. Accessable land...