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    GEO, 22 can be a good hunt for deer. IMO the later the better, as the rut really gets the boys moving. We hunted it a couple of times over the last 10 years during second season. I think we filled all our tags. The bucks we killed were average to small. We had 3-4 first time hunters with us...
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    CO 1st rifle elk vs. muzzy elk

    I personally would look for a unit that limits the number of archery hunters, thus not over the counter and has a decent success rate for muzzleloader season. Hunting wapiti during the rut, when they are screaming and chasing the girls around is the best.
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    Great job! Those are some nice looking cats.
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    Ranching and Coyotes

    kidoggy, Yes, that is a dead calf in the photo. The yotes hit me hard and killed 2 calves in one night. I have been on a warpath since. Mating time is my favorite time of year to wack and stack. Seems like once they learn to pull the calf out of the momma cow during birth, they get pretty good...
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    Ranching and Coyotes

    It's a great time of year to kill some coyotes.
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    time to hang some horns

    I love the mass on that buck. Good varieties of mules and whitetails. You need some pronghorns in the mix too. (y)
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    Meat processing around Laramie WY

    Another butcher in Rawlins to consider would be Perry's Wild Game Processing. They did 5 antelope and 4 deer for us last year and everyone turned out great. Excellent pricing too.
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    Unit 100 success

    Excellent! Unit 100 would be a great tag to have in your pocket. Thank for sharing your hunt with us.
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    Mule Deer Assistance

    I agree that the flatlands have as big of muleys as the high country but unfortunately most of the plains in AZ, CO, MT, NM, & WY is private land. Most of the mountains, (AZ, CO, MT, NM, & WY) are public land but the best big buck units and regions take quite a few preference points to draw a tag.
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    Found a big one

    Granby Guy, Thanks for letting us know how your hunt ended up. I can see how that could happen. 360- 390 bull would be something but 300 bull in Colorado is still a good bull. Congrats and who knows those bigger bulls might just be there the next time you draw that tag.
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    Wolves in Colorado

    I believe the first wolf killed in Colorado from the YNP transplant was just months later, in late 1995. It was killed by a vehicle on I-70 by Idaho Springs, CO.
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    Let the gov't goat slaughter begin!

    Sad to hear this. We spend a ton of money to get goats and sheep established in different areas and it's a downright shame to not expend all other options before resorting to eradicating them.
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    What a year!!!!! 170” bow and 203” muzz

    Great job on a couple of toad bucks. What state are they from?
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    Kentucky Whitetail

    Good job on your buck. It's nice to see Kentucky's deer population doing well.
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    Found a big one

    Did you you close the deal?