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    Another Deer Season Wrapped Up

    I was able to punch my tag on a nice fat black tail buck again this season here in Oregon. These old brush bucks can be frustrating, but sure are fun to hunt! They sure make a pile of great steak and burger.
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    Your Biggest Buck

    I've posted these before, but figured I'd put a couple on this thread. (note: date stamp on 2nd buck is incorrect )
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    7 years worth of points.....paid off!

    Very cool
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    Blacktail down

    Good work!
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    Region R

    I put in for Region R deer as a add on for my sure thing antelope hunt. Well as we all know the draws can surprise us. I ended up drawing the deer but failed on the sure thing :) . I will use it as an opportunity to scout my future elk and antelope units and have fun exploring some new deer...
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    2020 OR Fall Bear

    Things came together a lot sooner than the spring season. Found a good boar in the berries on the second day of season!
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    1st or 2nd Antelope Season

    That's awesome, I hope it's a great year for you!
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    1st or 2nd Antelope Season

    Yes, I think they are sticking to the exact dates now. Tomorrow you will know if your hunting OR once or twice this year! I hope you get them both!
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    1st or 2nd Antelope Season

    Good luck Zim, Sounds like a fun year in OR coming up!
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    Last hours of the last day

    Yes, the poison oak was pretty nasty alright :) , but the view was great!
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    Last hours of the last day

    Well, I finally had a day or two to get out after a bear here in OR. On the last evening of the season, with a little over an hour left, I was able to pull it off and hang my tag on a nice spring bear. Pretty lucky, but happy!
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    2020 goals/desires

    So much for those plans. I didn't draw either of them. I guess I'll hope to draw an antelope tag, so I can scout the elk unit for next year! :) NV and UT just took my money and ran again this year, but I have my MT deer tag already, so I'll get out there in November at the very least. Between...
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    2020 Turkey Picture Thread

    I was happy to hang my last OR tag on my best bird of the 2020 spring season. It was a great year, even though I was pretty short on time!
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    2020 Turkey Picture Thread

    I was able to connect on bird #2 Friday morning. It's been a great year so far here, despite kind of tough hunting weather.
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    Mount Pictures

    Just got two of my favorite Blacktails and two of my Muleys back. I'm enjoying seeing them almost every day. A lot of good memories!