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    Tick Toc. Waiting for the draw

    Well I am surprised that the official "When is the draw going to happen" has not started. So I am going to start it off with credit cards getting hit tomorrow.
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    The Draw

    Well if my gut is right, the draw should be going down tomorrow. I bet the deer starts before lunch time. Good luck to everyone, and post your results.
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    Weird email from CO

    Got an email that said there was an issue with app for elk. I only put in for points and it said I was unsuccessful, and that my payment didn?t go through because of some unknown issue. There was instructions and a link for me to go to to pay to fix this issue. Has anyone else gotten this...
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    Cow tag 111

    Ok so I pulled this cow tag, and I have done a little research on this unit. I was wondering if anyone has spent some time there late Sep. Not looking for someone to tell me where to go, just had some questions. Like access, please don?t tell me I need a quad, how much weather will it take to...
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    Sheep and Goat draw

    I know the draw/results are late May, but does anyone want to take a guess as to when. I?m going this week.
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    Credit Card Hits Tomorrow????

    Well since no one started it yet for this year, here ya go. Hopefully tomorrow. Good luck.
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    WY Mtn Goat Area 1

    Here is the inspiration. 32 yards to this gal. Think I could have hit her, if I was not seizing!!!!!!!! Yes this guys right horn is busted off, and was regrowing
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    Unit 37a

    Was wondering if anyone has set foot into this area. Was looking at some maps and was hoping to talk with someone about a few spots I was looking at for Mountain Goats.
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    Anyone familure with the SW corner of unit 67.

    I have looked at the maps, and have some general questions if anyone would care to talk. I am not asking for the secret spots, just want to talk. Thanks.
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    Unit question

    Let me start off with I am not asking for spots. I am getting close to being able to not hold my breath for drawing a good unit. By that I mean either the Pansagaunt, or the Book Cliifs. I know there are more tags for the Book Cliffs. But I am woundering everything being equal which area...
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    Costal Season 2011

    Well as luck would have it, I hook up on a nice blacktail. Had a 48 yard, hard downhill angle shot. The only thing that went wrong was something drug him off into a fern patch, and ate his ass end out. I am sure it was a cat, becasue he was barried in the fern patch, in a small drainage...
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    CA opener is just a few days away....

    Yes it is almost that glorius time of the year. Our costal deer season starts on saturday. Hopefully all goes well and the will be good buck in sight for everyone. The weather may be hot, the weeds may be tall, and the bugs are for sure a plenty, but it beats sitting at home typing about a...
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    Why hs there been no speed goat draw results?

    Why has there been no speed goat draw results? I cant stand the wait anymore!!!!!! I am going coocoo. When god, o when.
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    CA results are up!!!!!

    Yes they are up, and I didn't draw a treehuggin thing. Our bonus point system sucks, except for deer. The rest sucks.
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    Proof that broadhead tunning works.

    I didnt take before pictures. The first picture is 20 yards, after some adjustment. The second one is 40 yards, after some more adjustment. The third shot is what happens when your arrow finds the soft spot. Got to love FMJ, and Montec 100's. The blue nocks are fieldpoints, and the green...