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    One more weekend to get it done

    Excellent! Way to go and congrats!
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    Mooseapalooza 2019 Colorado

    Congrats! That is awesome!
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    One more weekend to get it done

    Good luck! Looking forward to pics!
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    First Colorado Mule Deer

    Congrats on the buck!
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    Here Kitty Kitty....

    Very cool! Congrats on you and your sons success!!
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    Wyoming bighorn

    Awesome! Congrats on a great ram!!
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    Public Land Colorado - Highest of Highs & Lowest of Lows

    Big congrats to your wife! Sorry about your bull! Unfortunately that is public land. Not always right but reality none the less! Kudos for punching your tag!
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    Wyoming Family Hunt

    Great pics! Looks like a great time with your son! Congrats!
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    Colorado Success!

    Thanks for all the comments from everyone!
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    Colorado Success!

    Some private and some public! The majority came off of the public!
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    2019 = 160+ inches

    Awesome bucks! Congrats on some beauties!
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    Colorado Success!

    Had an awesome time out antelope hunting the opener! Had 5 guys fill five tags! There were a couple newbies that are now addicted! Great time!
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    Last Day AZ Bull

    Excellent bull! Congrats!
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    Ladies need some help

    I got my wife a Stone Glacier! SG customized the shoulder straps for her to make it an even better fit. She loves it!
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    My 2019 WY Bull

    Congrats on a beautiful bull! And on a successful, safe pack out in griz country!!