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    Vortex 12x50 binoculars

    Hunting season is just around the corner I have a brand new pair of Vortex razors 12x50 still in the box never been used the all green model available for sale. Comes with the bino harness. $800 or best offer. Serious inquires only please. Feel free to p.m. me if interested
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    Nevada units 111-115 archery Elk

    You are right It's a huge area with all types of terrain to hunt I'll shoot you a pm if you don't mind?
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    Nevada units 111-115 archery Elk

    Anybody hunted or helped anyone in this unit group before in any units besides 111? I somehow managed to draw this basically once in a lifetime archery elk tag this year as a non resident and have a lot of knowledge about unit 111 but that's where most the hunting pressure is so curious if...