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    Daughter's first turkey

    Grats! Well done, girl!
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    Rifle scope decision 🤔

    I own for my 10/22 and I am absolutely happy with it(y) the best prism scope for such money. Despite it is compact - it still has all feature of well-performed scope, at least that's enough for such rookie as I am:)
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    A New Rifle....

    Great job! Looks awesome!
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    Is it available all over the country?
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    really good venison recipe

    Wow, it really looks great! I will try try cook the same but seems to me that I won't be able to make it like in picture:rolleyes:
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    How to cook rabbit meat?

    Hi everyone! I may share my experience in preparing rabbit. If you are cooking a young rabbit (8 to 12-weeks old), called a fryer, which will be more tender than the older roasters(15-20 weeks), you can fry or roast it. The roasters, contrary to their name, need slow, moist cooking, like...