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    WY 90/10 Deer/Elk/Antelope Question

    The expense is one thing, but not believing that you will ever draw a tag and the inability to plan for a hunt, may cause many like myself to just focus on their home state. It really sucks, with hunter numbers going up and deer and antelope numbers going down, I can’t blame the folks in Wyoming...
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    Load Development Ruger #1 - .300 Wby

    Well it looks you definitely have a keeper, I am anxious to see the pictures after you put it to use this fall.
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    Load Development Ruger #1 - .300 Wby

    Does the Ruger have similar freebore to the Mark V? I am guessing not but I am not familiar with them?
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    Load Development Ruger #1 - .300 Wby

    I really appreciate the detailed information you are willing to provide! I am always looking for new loads for my 300wby, I developed my loads using RL22 and am planning on trying RL25. From my limited experience the 300 wby typically is most accurate near top end velocity 3200 to 3250 with 180...
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    Load Development Ruger #1 - .300 Wby

    Do you know the muzzle velocity?
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    Gun Confiscation!

    “Only a virtuous people are capable of freedom.” I cannot begin to imagine what these families are going through! The amount of evil that our society tolerates and even promotes will continue to lead to EVIL people doing EVIL things which will result in less freedom for all.
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    Non resident Elk draw results for 2022

    Looks like 4
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    Trout Fishing in Wyoming

    That’s funny! Here in da yoop there are times the bugs will keep you in your house. I have yet to travel anywhere in the summer that had bugs as bad as I have at home. I haven’t been to Northern Minnesota or Canada that time of year but I hear it can get pretty bad there.
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    Eastmans' Survey

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    Trout Fishing in Wyoming

    My son and I are hoping to take a trout fishing trip to the Bighorns this summer as well. I have hunted many times in the Southern Bighorns and every stream we came across had trout in them. We caught cutthroat and brookies mainly . I am thinking about camping at the BLM campground on Buffalo...
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    Non-res Application

    I think part of the reason is that there are less tags available across other states like Wyoming. People want to hunt Mule Deer and they are having to look to places they probably didn’t consider in the past.
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    Hornady Interlock

    Shot lots of stuff with them out of 340 wby and 300 wby. Never had a problem, I guess I just followed the trend to Barnes and Accubonds. Killed several black bears with them years ago and never had to track any.
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    WY Couple Fined $60k for Baiting Deer

    Sounds just stupid that they thought they wouldn’t get caught.
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    Does it makes sense anymore?

    My dad waited until he retired to plan a trip to Wyoming. He and a couple of my brothers were all set to go in October of 1990, he died in August of that year having never hunted the west. That had a big effect on my decision making.