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    WY 90/10 Deer/Elk/Antelope Question

    I have my first and likely only ever guided hunt booked for the Thoroughfare in 2025. Only way a NR can ever hunt that country. Honestly, with the overt hatred towards non-residents I would not give two 💩’s if as much federal land as possible was sold off to highest bidder and wildlife was...
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    “This is my rifle, this is my gun…”
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    What did you draw?

    Points for me
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    Eastmans' Survey

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    .243 Bullet Question

    Rich - I found about 30 100 grain Sierra Game Kings on my bullet shelf, pm me if you want them
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    Does it makes sense anymore?

    NR opportunity is not going to zero, but no doubt the “golden” era of NR hunting is in the rear view mirror. I’ve been buying points for 10 years everywhere (except Montana) and I think there is a reasonable chance of hunting every year (not counting CO OTC). It is just going to require more...
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    How much wildgame do you actually eat?

    We eat wild game 4 or 5 meals/week. Usually 5 or 6 deer per year, plus a bunch of wild hogs and since I have figured out how to cook Javelina and make it edible this year well probably eat a lot more of them. Plus doves and quail, the occasional rabbit. Every couple years I bring home an elk...
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    2022 Fishing thread

    Nice bass my son caught on Saturday afternoon
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    .243 Bullet Question

    I’ve never really been a .243 fan until I started loading the 80 grain TTSX for my daughters rifle. Great bullet, shoots excellent out of the 1:9 barrel. 3380fps, 20” barrel, 48.3 grains BL-C2. The last 3 years it’s racked up around 20 whitetails, a couple antelope, some coyotes, mule deer...
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    Fuel prices affect

    I would bet the increased cost of the trip itself won’t be the issue, but runaway inflation and everyday expenses outrunning wage growth will definitely have an effect on many. Probably not a huge effect on the guys who live and breathe hunting (like most of the guys who are active on hunting...
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    Wyoming Passes 90/10: The Worst Article You’ll Read This Year - by Guy Eastman

    Only way out of this is a sustained increase of game populations without a correlating increase in demand - a major economic recession might make a temporary change in the demand dynamic, but on the whole odds/points/opportunity is not ever going to get better than it is right now. Elk...
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    Wyoming Passes 90/10: The Worst Article You’ll Read This Year - by Guy Eastman

    NR hunting as many of you more seasoned guys have known it will no longer exist, it won’t be over but multiple tags/species/states per year will be over. Guys over 50 who got into it early had some great opportunities, guys in their 30’s and 40’s now still have enough time to get some points...
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    Wildfire locations? History?

    OnnX has historic wildfire map overlays, gives the fire dates. Some of the layers can be hard to find, historic wildfire is now under “Western Aplication research”. It shows the year the fire burned, screenshot below
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    What is everyone up to?

    Getting ready for last weekend of deer/quail this year; virtually no prep required other than mentallly preparing for 3 ‘months of softball, baseball & not enough fishing. My 12 yo son bought a truck (wrecked) from the body shop next to my office and my 15 yo daughter just wants to drive the...
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    That’s a wrap for ‘21-22

    Just finished up my last whitetail hunting weekend of the year, my wife and I didn’t find anything we wanted to shoot but the kids did alright. Both kids ate mule deer tags and me an elk tag. Got a few of the kids’friends their first deer, my brother his first buck in almost 30 years., and my...