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    Looking for Idaho Elk hunting partner/group/guide - Bannock A Sept 15th - 30th

    How did the hunt go? I picked up this same tag for ‘23. Probably gonna end up solo. What were the elk numbers like? Were there lots of people in the unit?
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    Something more to ponder during application periods

    It was half a step in the right direction by trying to have the draw after tag quotas are set, but now they will be holding our tag fees for 3 1/2+ months? Three steps back with that brain dead decision. How do they justify holding that much money for that long? Seems like there are alternative...
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    The 2019 Elk Success Thread

    I spent 8 days in the Gila chasing bugling bulls the whole time and was finally able to seal the deal on this stud.
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    New Mexico Elk 16C 1st Archery

    Finally pulled a NM Elk tag for the Gila. I probably don't need to but I will state the obvious this is a tag that many put in for and dream of. I feel greatly fortunate for drawing this tag and am excited at the prospect of all the trials, tribulations and excitement that will ensue. I am...
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    RMB Sheep Tag S11

    The stars aligned and I pulled out a once in a lifer for the Collegiate Peak Wilderness. I have Mountain Goat hunted this unit before so am somewhat familiar with the terrain, which is rugged. The CPW has some great basic resources online like the horn measurements/ harvest location stats and I...
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    Trail Cam Pics 2015

    Tons of pics!
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    Trail Cam Pics 2015

    Just swapped cards today. Looks like the elk are there. No bears yet though.
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    Same here guy. Hopefully the hybrid draw is good to me. I have a buddy with 17 points and he's...

    Same here guy. Hopefully the hybrid draw is good to me. I have a buddy with 17 points and he's holding out for CS too. Maybe in a couple of years that might become a reality.
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    Trophy Ridge React Sight?

    I was at the range the other day a guy was sighting in his new react sight. He asked me what I thought about the technology behind this sight. Basically he was asking how it worked. From what I can find on Trophy Ridge's website it sounds almost too simple to be true. Get your 20/30 yard pins...
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    Archery Mule Deer

    Curious if anybody is willing to give any suggestions on an archery mule deer hunt I am planning for next year in the Ruby's. Doing research on the NDOW site and there are a few unit groups that look interesting. I'm not looking into killing a p&y buck but I would like to hunt in the high...
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    Absolutely I would like to see the video!

    Absolutely I would like to see the video!
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    Absolutely I would!

    Absolutely I would!
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    Lighted Nocks

    Now that Colorado is allowing the use of lighted nocks I'm definitely gonna give 'em a go. What brand are you guys using and are there good and bad aspects? Thanks in advance
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    Shed Hunting Souting

    Went out scouting for the upcoming shed season and found a group of 14 bulls. Definitely some good prospects for shed season and the upcoming hunting season. My spotting scope and phone pics don't turn out the greatest, but you get the jist.