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    scratchin an itch

    great way to waste a day off
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    colorado unit 11????

    hey there was looking for general unit info getting close in the point game is unit 11 one of colorados best im sure there are others with good access would like to hear others thoughts thanks
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    wanna new muzzleloader

    Wanna update my muzzle loader i have a 10 year old TC encore wondering what people are shootin and like looking at a traditions or cva dont know much about them heard tc are hit and miss on accuracy thanks
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    colorado draw

    colorado back door results are up going 1st season rifle B. C. D .I. Y.
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    canvas game bags ????

    ive been carrying the heavy canvas type game bags but wonder about switching to the lighter (cotton?) type game bags what do some of you carry
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    colorado mulie

    2009 colorado mulie north west corner scored 184