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    non resident draw process

    hey all, im from Arizona and will be putting in for the new mexico elk hunt next year, its to my understanding that New Mexico does NOT have PF or BP and that everyone has an equal chance at the draw is that true??? what percentage of tags do they leave for non resident hunters? thanks for any...
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    Public Land DIY

    Hey fellas im headed to Wyoming this year to help a buddy out on his antelope hunt, unit 38...I have never been out there before and have recently been researching about the different areas, i was wondering which unit in your opinion is the best for public land hunting. i will only have 1 pp for...
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    zoom vs fixed eye piece

    I hope bitterroot bulls chimes in....i have a nikon ed50 spotter and was wondering the pros and cons for Zoom or Fixed eye piece and what you guys use/recommend?
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    new to backpack hunting

    Hey Fellas im new to Coyoting out, and im just now starting to build up my lightweight gear to try a backpack hunt next year...i have a few maybe dumb questions hopefully some of you pros to this way of hunting could answer for far as h20 goes, i will be hunting in northern AZ where the...
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    Hello from AZ

    What a great forum Eastmans has, I read through it briefly and am Impressed with the info and the helpful members it has. I am a native from Arizona starting out hunting with my dad when I was 8. I love chasing the coues down south, and the big bulls up north. im a firefighter in fountain hills...