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    Eberlestock J117 II Dragonfly Giveaway!

    I'm trying. Thank you Eastmans and Eberlestock.
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    Stone Glacier Sky 5900 Giveaway!

    I'm in. Thanks for the opportunity.
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    Seek Outside Pack Giveaway!

    Big thanks to Eastmans and Seek Outside!
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    The Sig BDX System Giveaway!

    I'm in. Thanks Sig and Eastmans!
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    Mountain Mule Deer 2019

    That looks like awesome hunting weather. As much as I hate camping in the snow, I pray for those opportunities during deer season.
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    New Hunting Trailer / Camper / Toy Hauler build - Follow along!

    Sorry to be a post hog. Last thing for today. If you are installing solar, you probably aren't an electrical rookie. That said I have made a lot of money fixing people's trailer wiring. I highly recommend that you secure all your wiring. Then sketch the schematics of the trailer, showing where...
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    New Hunting Trailer / Camper / Toy Hauler build - Follow along!

    Also, as someone else said, I integrated reciever tubing into my frames to use for tools and spares. If you rig up a spare mount using reciever tubing, mount a spindle inside the tubing. Then install a hub assembly, and bolt the spare to it. One of the big trailer accident causes is losing a...
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    New Hunting Trailer / Camper / Toy Hauler build - Follow along!

    One thing I recommend when converting or heavily modifying an already built frame, is to wait until you are almost complete before getting tires and wheels. If you get about 90%, then go get the trailer weighed. Add 1,000 lbs of gear weight. Then select your axles, hubs, and springs. Its amazing...
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    New Hunting Trailer / Camper / Toy Hauler build - Follow along!

    Your build is looking pretty sweet. I really wanted to do this also. I have built alot of trailers because I have so much fun building them. I wanted to build an enclosed, but with 3 kids and everything we wanted we ended up just buying a toy hauler. I still will build one because I have a...
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    Truck Tires - on/off RD

    If you like BFG's, try the Falken Wildpeak AT3W. These tires last longer, are quieter, do better in the mud. I have ran BFG's, Nitto's, Coopers, Yokohama's, Goodyears, and so far the Falkens are the best AT I have ran.
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    roto-molded coolers

    My family is very outdoorsy. We hunt, we fish, we camp, we boat, ride quads, road trip, and overland. We have found that we slightly prefer to eat out of ice chests rather than an electric fridge. And that a roto-molded ice chest lasted just slightly longer in real life use. Just as tdcour said...
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    Alaska Guide Creations Binocase Giveaway

    It seems like Eastman's always has great giveaways. Thank you.
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    Kifaru 44 Mag Giveaway

    Thanks for the great Website, the shared information, and the great giveaways.
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    Good evening from Central CA

    I have been looking over this forum for years, and finally figured out how to login. So I am not a techy guy. I am a Gas Turbine Technician for a small outfit that pays the bills, gives me time with my family, and spares some time for outdoor exploration. I started hunting quail at 12 years old...
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    First Idaho Elk Hunt

    I am really wanting to do an out of state DIY hunt in Idaho for a bull elk. I would like the chance to tag a muley also if possible. I can do archery or rifle. I don't care how many tines the bulls have, just that it has antlers. I have hunted CA mulies for years, but tired of our systems here...