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    Texas points sheep?

    Does it matter? I have no idea when they started the point system, but I've applied for a long time, over 10 years for sure. With one available draw tag, points squared, cubed, whatever means jack nothing and even top point holders aren't afforded better odds over time. These point squared...
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    2021 WY Quality

    Pretty sad when the GF issues more tags than there are animals available in the unit. Its sad how bad things are getting with pronghorn in the Laramie area. Its to the point there needs to be a total season closure for a few years. I think you probably have the same tag I do...I'm tossing my...
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    2021 Hunting Success Thread

    Wyoming pronghorn my Dad shot yesterday.
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    First elk for 2021

    Had a tag that's valid for August and after helping a couple buddies with their elk, thought I'd give it a go today. Found a pretty good knot of elk, probably 50 or so. Worked my way into the edge of the herd and found 10 or so that had a variety of cows/calves. I try real hard to not shoot...
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    Removable blades or fixed blade?

    Havalon and never look back, by a landslide. I have 2 sizes, the piranta and baracuta. I can get by with either one but having both is better. I like the bigger blade for boning elk with the baracuta and the plus side I can resharpen those blades as good as new. The piranta is better for...
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    I did an inventory of my loading stuff a while back, 6500 primers for rifle, 2000 for pistols, 60 pounds of powder, 13,000 bullets, at least 3-4 hundred brass for every rifle in the house. Have around 100 loaded for every rifle/pistol in the house. 500 or so rounds of .410, 28, 12 for all my...
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    Where is everyone?

    If you've ever sampled a cow elk shot in would know EXACTLY why people want to shoot them in the heat of summer. Way different than one in December.
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    Where is everyone?

    Nothing new...may do the same tomorrow if I feel like it.
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    Where is everyone?

    For some, busy helping NR friends with their first elk, even though a few on this board think I hate NR's. My good friend from IL applied himself, his son, and a friend of his son's for elk in WY. I set up my elk camp for them and helped his son's friend on opening day. Found a knot of elk...
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    Canadian Border Opening! You Going?

    It may very well be required, just got back from AK on Friday, cases were blowing up where I was.
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    Wyo Task Force - Nonres Comments!

    Squared bonus point systems like Nevada don't work much, if any better than a random draw. Take a look at the last 5-10 years of NR sheep tags and where those tags fall. The top point holders may have a .5% better chance than those with less points. But, there's so many more applicants with 22...
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    Wyo Task Force - Nonres Comments!

    You don't have enough points for sheep...I have 22 as a NR also have 22 deer as well.
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    What is trophy hunting article... Thoughts?

    I think anytime you aren't killing the first legal animal you see, you're hunting for more reasons than just meat. I'm not convinced that when we don't shoot the first animal we legally can that it just automatically falls into the category of trophy hunting either. I'm also not convinced in...
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    Wyo Task Force - Nonres Comments!

    Take the total number of available tags, divide by 2 and issue that many random and that many preference. So, if there were 10 sheep tags available total, 5 random, 5 preference. Alternate the areas and tell NR hunters up front which areas will be preference and which will be random. The GF...
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    Wyo Task Force - Nonres Comments!

    I think a 50/50 split makes a lot of sense. It still makes points worth something and also gives more chance of drawing for those with lower point totals. Probably the way it should have always been, along with 90-10. Don't agree at all with rolling points between species.