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    Mule Deer Region M

    I really like the MyTopo maps. I used to hunt M & hope to try it again one of these years. Good luck.
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    Speed Goats on the brain

    My Wyoming speed goat. Anxiously waiting to hunt them again!
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    Speed Goats on the brain

    Lovin' the "antelope tree." Where can I find one?
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    Shooting Bags

    I use the Rock Deluxe in combination with the Deadshot rear bag. I'd like to try the Caldwell Lead Sled but I was advised not to because it doesn't allow for natural recoil. I'm not entirely sure if that is a bad thing or not.
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    Shooting Bags

    I have some Caldwell shooting bags & they work great.
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    Tripod for spotting scope/backpacking?

    I use this one for backpacking & have really liked it. It only weighs just over 2.5 lbs. Compact Action Smart with hybrid head and phone clamp, black - MKSCOMPACTACNBK | Manfrotto Global
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    Wyoming NR Elk 2022

    Hello ACD & welcome aboard. I hunted unit 16 about 10 years ago & had an enjoyable experience & harvested a nice bull. Yes, the Q creek has tied up a lot of land in 16 but there is enough public to have a good hunt. There are some landowners in the unit who do not like the elk & offer access.
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    Lathrop & Sons Mtn. Hunter Warm boots for sale

    Yes I have. I paid for the 3D Foot Mapping Kit a few years ago & figured they could fit the boots to my feet. I was a little upset I wasn't fitted into the correct boot but apparently your feet change over the years, even as adults. I actually sent the boots back to Lathrop & Sons as they...
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    Wyoming antelope advice for family hunt

    I would personally direct you to some of the units in the southwest corner of WY. Most of them can be draw with about 6 points...units 93, 94 & 100. But, who knows what will happen with the tag cuts?? Those units have plenty of public to hunt. A lot of the checkerboard stuff in 94 & 100 is...
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    Kaibab buck

    Awesome buck! Congratulations!
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    Hey Guys!

    Welcome aboard Nic. I have friends in Lodi, Spring Green & Dodgeville. One of these days I'll make it out there to chase whitetails!
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    Lathrop & Sons Mtn. Hunter Warm boots for sale

    $350 & I'll pay shipping! (Paypal only please) These are size 9 1/2 & are practically brand new. I wore them for 10 minutes at camp only to discover they are too small for me. I cannot return them because I applied Grangers Leather Conditioner to them. I paid $488 plus shipping & tax. Thanks...
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    Best boots for elk hunting

    NOT KENETREK!! I've had good luck with Lowa, Zamberlaan & will be anxious to try the Lathrop & Sons Mtn. Hunter boots that I'll be getting soon.
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    Unit 16 Elk Wyoming

    I drew 16 the year before it went to blue chip status. I had a great hunt. Several landowners willing to give permission for the elk hunt. Yes, definitely try the HMAs. The late hunt is just as good as the early.
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    Hunting Wyoming Elk in 2021?

    I have drawn a unit 16 & a unit 51 elk tag & am building some points again. I only have 3 points & applied for a unit that takes 9 points to draw so I'm not expecting a tag.