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    Yeah, I'm not a super fan but would rather watch college football than most other things. I've just about given up on TV in general and mostly watch youtube.
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    The 40 Acres

    well i don't think anyone would run copper that far. BIL had a leak in his poly pipe and the plumbing contractor really pushed running copper the length of his driveway, about 80 yards. The estimate was thousands. We ended up just digging it by hand and patching for about $10.
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    Forum Banner Update Contest!

    Wow, almost a year. Probably need to offer hunts on the Hill ranch to all the active forum members for such an an egregious offense.
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    The 40 Acres

    whats the plan for the house build? general contractor? DIY?
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    The 40 Acres

    most folks around here still use copper or poly pipe to get from the water meter to the house.
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    Corn fed whitetail.

    LOL, I use manwich all the time. Kids like it better than homemade!
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    2018 NY Deer Season Pic.s Of Me and My Stepson

    Never thought to seek out help with writing skills on a hunting forum.
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    Corn fed whitetail.

    did you cheat and use manwich?
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    The 40 Acres

    I hear you on the black pipe. I've had my issues with it as well. But man, it would be tempting for a 1000' foot run. Hi cube shipping containers run about $2000 here, what do they go for in your neck of the woods?
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    The 40 Acres

    Curious, why are you using cpvc instead of polyethylene (aka black pipe) or even PEX? And that wife of yours is a keeper for sure. No way in hell would my ex-wife get on the business end of a trencher.
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    Motorized Hunting Pack Cart

    And you gave them them a story they will never forget... :)
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    2020 Fishing

    Yeah, the majority that I catch are that big. The fight is excellent on my crappie pole. The size allows me to fillet them with my electric knife. Bluegill along with crappie are my favorite eating fish that we can catch around here.
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    Alaska - negative test required

    Yikes! Guys going to Alaska need to consider arriving 14 days earlier than they planned I think.
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    2020 Fishing

    Still catching bluegill on the outer edges of brush.
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    Leupold CDS suggestions

    Wyoming averages points on a group application so they need a unit that takes 9 points.