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    how many of you belong to the NRA and should I renew my membership

    Wayne LaPierre went on a shopping spree and purchased $278,000 worth of merchandise. $10,000 suits, $800 ties, Rolex Watches, etc. He then expensed the purchase which was paid for by NRA members. He then took his family on some ultra lux vacations totaling $250,000. He expensed those...
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    how many of you belong to the NRA and should I renew my membership

    No. Wayne LaPierre is a crook.
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    Gun Confiscation!

    Its horrific but a price to be paid if we are going to be living in a free society. Not sure I would think the same way if it was my child. I lost my oldest son (not to gun violence). Its been hell for me and will be hell for the parents of the victims. Our school buildings all have a...
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    350 Legend

    My property is all deep woods so max shots are probably around 100 yards, less if I don't get this honeysuckle under control. I'd say 80% of the deer I kill with my slug gun are within 50 yards. If I went the pistol round route I would most likely go for the .44 because I already have ammo for...
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    350 Legend

    "Single Shot" - I'm told you can hunt with a bolt action rifle without the magazine to be legal. My buddy told me last night you can buy 1 round magazines as well that will fulfill the single shot requirement. I had a buddy that told me last year that he was buying a rifle as well. I told...
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    350 Legend Sounds like it actually might pass this go around. When you can get Chicago Democrats and Southern IL Republicans to agree on something it sounds promising.
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    350 Legend

    I guess I should of also pointed out that whatever we use we will need to use it as a single shot. Dumb, I know. But once rifles become legal it won't be long before we will be able to use the magazine. Same thing happened when the state allowed crossbows for the handicap, it wasn't long...
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    350 Legend

    It appears that Illinois is going to allow rifles during our deer firearm season. A bill has passed both the IL house and Senate with 100% approval and word on the street is that Governor Pritzer is going to sign the bill into law. The legislation is going to be quite restrictive. Caliber...
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    Eastmans' Survey

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    What's everyone up to?

    My son has been ticketed twice now on the way to school. On the first one he was able to take an online drivers class and put him on probation for 1 year. But he got the second one 6 months later so now we had to get an attorney involved so he doesn't lose his license. 2 tickets before you...
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    What's everyone up to?

    I took a vacation day on friday to pick up my son from college. I think this might be his last summer home; he seems confident he will be doing research in the chem lab at school. Or an intership for BP. Im working my tail off getting ready for my daughters high school graduation party...
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    Gary's Shoe Store for Crispi Resoles

    Good to know. I assume he will work on any brand. I have a pair of lowa renegades that will need new soles soon. $100 is way cheaper than new.
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    eez time

    Sucks for the guys that will draw new mexico with all the damn fires.
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    2022 Fishing thread

    that is a great looking mount marcus. I really like the usage of the tree and rocks in the background as well as the baitfish. Is the baitfish a perch?
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    How many hunting packs ???

    Eberlestock X1 and an ALPS (can't remember the model).