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    Rifle Review Snowy Mountain Rifles

    I can’t access the website...
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    Phone scope

    Reviving an old thread. Ordered and just received my phone scope for the iPhone 7 Plus today. Was quickly able to assemble it and attach it to my new spotter. Everything looks perfect and very simple to use. This weekend I’ll get the spotter out and take some pictures and video. Based on what...
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    The Memes Thread!

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    Who else is...

    Biceps and traps followed by three easy miles on the hamster wheel
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    Wy SF0074

    yes and this additionally clouds the fuzzy mathematics of the percentages and income pools. :coffee:
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    The Memes Thread!

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    Who else is...

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    Wy SF0074

    You may have posted this stat as a negative based off the previous post, I can not refute it but am surprised it’s not actually higher. But I will say based on your number that “the glass is half full” as Non residents pay nearly 50%. :sneaky:
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    Desert Youth Mule Deer Hunt

    Don't recall, but worth a 2nd look after work. Nice looking 'lead-in'. ;)
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    Colorado Unit 66 Mule Deer

    Welcome to the forum. I'd check migration and weather patterns the past few years along with success rates to assist in your understanding of making this decision. I'm sure others will chime in, but that's all I've got at the moment. I'm assuming you've been collecting these points in...
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    Sitka light weight hoodie versus apex hoodie

    I'm unfamiliar with any of these, sorry. I primarily use First Lite brand and off-brand in non-essential clothing.
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    Seen this before. Good stuff Kid. Thanks for posting it here.
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    50 by 50

    I will echo these comments. Also, don't base everything on the scale. Determine how you feel and look as well. Take a before picture to keep you motivated on where you started and to visualize your success. Also, don't look to social media and magazines to compare your journey to others. We all...
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    Who else is...

    My weekend didn’t go as planned.... Septic issues. Repeat of the debacle I had at Christmas. I now believe I’ve got it fixed.
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    Alaska 2020

    Congratulations bud! A lot of the tags are over the counter. Where are you hunting in AK that it had to be drawn. (keep in mind I'm no AK expert)