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    StaBall Winchester

    Yeah that better be the girlfriend’s gun… I was about to resurrect my 6.5 Creedmoor meme thread lol. Nice groups and good shooting
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    The Memes Thread!

    This one really hurts!
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    The Memes Thread!

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    Who else is...

    Heck yeah!
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    More wall art!

    Nice work bud. One day we’ll touch base when your in my area during late season.
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    Upgrading some Equipment so I've got a few items for SALE

    A spammer refreshed this post. However a few items are still for sale. Send me a PM if anything peeks your interest. I’d love to help a fellow hunter.
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    Sitka Hunting Package

    That being said, I can vouch for Scott. We’ve been friends on here for more than five years and he assisted me greatly in a Montana hunt several years ago. We’ve also spoken outside of this for him and he’s the real deal. If you want, do a search on this form and see a lot of the knowledge that...
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    Damn Weather

    Most rain & wind we’ve had in Ohio in years.
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    Who else is...

    Trail or Tale ? Take Two. Reads fun either way! 😜
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    Who else is...

    Great consist paces and smooth transition. Congratulations Marcus.
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    Hornady Interlock

    I have used them in the past in my 300 WinMag. Last kill was DRT at 300 yards
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    WY Couple Fined $60k for Baiting Deer

    Thank you for sharing. Of all the cases I read about on a weekly basis, this one is actually fairly tame compared to most of the others. As always, the punishment rarely fits the crime.
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    Binoculars Autofocus

    Wizkid here…. 🪦
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    Spring Fun

    Wow- nice work. Congratulations