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    Combination family vacation/hunt question

    Hey all, I have a little different situation going on next year. My wife is going to accompany me to Wyoming along with our oldest daughter and her husband. We are planning 2 weeks total with the emphasis on vacation/sight seeing rather than hunting. Having been to Wyoming myself several times I...
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    Bureau of Reclamation ?

    I was looking at the maps yesterday and noticed that there was a fair amount of Bureau of Reclamation land in my antelope hunting unit. Does this land have the same regulations as BLM as far as access for hunting? I checked the BLR website and couldn't find anywhere that specifically listed...
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    Favorite socks

    A recent thread about hot weather clothing got me thinking about socks. I loaded up the pack and tried out a pair of Elder Merino Wool performance socks yesterday, they seemed to do pretty good on a short (3 mile) up and down hike. What are you long walkers wearing? Bob
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    Wyoming third choice?

    I have pretty much decided on my first and second choice units for Wyoming pronghorns this year but can't come up with a third choice unit. I want to hunt for sure but would rather not have to deal with trying to buy the better leftover tags. I should draw my first choice but that's been the...
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    Missouri lion

    A friend of mine caught this guy yesterday morning, 122 pound male. They said he probably wandered in from South Dakota. They ear tagged him and released him in a state park of all places...
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    Wyoming unit 73 ?

    I planned to apply for unit 73 this year but I was not able to get over to do any looking around this fall. I was there in 2010 and saw a lot of good quality animals. I have heard/read a lot of negative reports after this past season, no animals, small bucks etc. Can any of you shed any light on...