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    3rd season colorado Elk hunt

    Thanks for that, Its a good unit in the sense you get 3 units to hunt with your tag. Been hunting these units for about 18 yrs but have never been fortunate to harvest a Bull, I hope this is the year, gonna hit it hard and leave it all out on the mountain.
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    3rd season colorado Elk hunt

    9 days out !!!!! Getting ready for 3rd season, gonna be heading up to unit 78 and am wondering if any of you fellow hunters have been successful this year up that way. I have been monitoring the weather and seems fairly seasonal with highs in the 50s not to much snow to push em down but...
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    The 2019 Elk Success Thread

    Good looking Bull!!!! Congrats
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    Don't want a repeat of last year, shooting advice needed!!!

    So I am not a savvy marksmen shooter, Last year 3rd season in colorado I had a opportunity to harvest a really nice buck what seemed to be 5x5 through the lens of my 10x42 bushnell bear grylls binocs. He was uphill about 275, basing off my golf expertise as I did not have a range finder. So I...
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    Colorado Hunter unit 77,78,771

    Getting ready to head out thursday for 3rd season here in COLO, any archery or muzzy hunters with info on their hunts in this area. Typically hunt towards chromo and up by Williams res.
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    Colorado Hunter unit 77,78

    Good day Fellow Hunters new here to the forums, seeking some experienced knowledge on hunting in units 77,78 for Bulls... I am familiar with the area but only have been successful with Bucks no bulls since I have started hunting this units with family. Any advise will be much appreciated. Good...