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    Wyoming Upland Trek

    TaskSwap, I thank you for your response and appreciate the feedback. I never meant to complain, just a statement to the point of thinking there would have been more folks forth coming with hints. The small tidbit of info on duskies is really the kind of stuff I am hoping for. I should have...
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    Wyoming Upland Trek

    Yes, we plan to utilize walk in areas and have created a list of areas to try. However, I was hoping to get a little more response even by now. Just hoping to get some better intel for areas and different species. Especially looking for info on Chukars and dusky grouse. I realize now that I...
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    Wyoming Upland Trek

    Okay guys and gals, My son (age 9) and I want to do a Wyoming trek for upland birds this fall. We want to have a good time seeing the state and get some trigger time on anything that flies and is legal. We will be starting from the Northeast corner and looking for any suggestions as to what...
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    Name That Puppy!

    SOKS for the Southern Oak Kennels. If you want western how about Gus or Newt? and if you want rugged I'd suggest Bear, Rocky, Diesel, or Boss. Deacon or Deke for short
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    Region A, Units 1,2 & 3 Mule Deer

    HIghplainsdrifter is correct in fact that not many mule deer on the forest service. Quite a bit of public land has mule deer but you will need to be mobile and willing to get out and away from the FS or know of some pockets to be successful. feel free to PM me if you have more specific questions.
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    Hands Feee Rifle Carry

    I can speak to the Gun Bearer from Kifaru. I have run one for years now and find it very handy. The other set-up I like and have a little experience with is the older Safari sling that places the rifle across your body. This is not as easy to use when going through timber etc. but better for...
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    Looking for help/info

    Sharp, I applaud you and your board's effort to preserve the history and tradition of archery hunting in your home state. I further applaud you for your advanced thinking in getting folks to allow you to sell items of value but not great historical value or those not pertinent to your museum...
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    Black Hills Whitetail???

    Kidd? I assume that you are talking about hunting in Wyoming. Deer numbers are good and the hills do get hit pretty hard with hunters including the road hunters that are mentioned above. Potential is there for a good hunt.
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    The Tax Day Giveaway!

    Sure would have liked the New MR Marshall for the pack out of my Sheep Last Year!