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    Colorado Unit 143

    Well I headed down to Southern Colorado last weekend. When I left I didn't have any private land access. Feeling like I had the cards stacked against me I kept my head up and made a few phone calls and knocked on a few doors. I did eventually get access onto some private land and took...
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    Colorado Unit 143

    Hey Guy's, I have a unit 143 Private Land Only tag for Pronghorn and have been having a difficult time finding any landowners that will allow me access on their land. Does anyone on here have any experience in this unit that would like to help me out?
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    Burris Eliminator Laserscope

    Does anyone use this scope and what are your feelings about it? How well does it stand up to the fields conditions that you typically put a scope through?
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    How are you doing Nate?

    What's up Nate? I followed your story after your accident on your website and was concerned about you and your family but I never did hear how you've been doing lately. I just wanted to drop by and say Hi and see how the recovery is coming?
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    Bosque SWA Colorado

    I have enough points to draw this tag for archery and have already done some research on it but I seem to be getting mixed feedback from people about the opportunities in this unit. Does anyone have anything to add about this unit? I'd appreciate both good and bad feedback. Thanks.