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    My Archery Hitlist (whitetail)

    Well I haven’t got a buck yet. The one smaller 10 in the pics showed up but spooked when I went to open my redneck blind window. Lesson learned for me. I have however shot 3 hogs so I’m doing some good especially for the local farmers. Here is a pic of the boar I took this weekend. He was...
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    Headed for Wyoming

    Congrats Buddy. Sounds like an awesome trip. Im jealous
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    The 2020 Elk Success Thread

    Congrats thats awesome
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    What Is Your Favorite Gun To Shoot???

    My favorite gun is my Savage 116 Bear Hunter in 338 Win Mag. I was so impressed how well it shot with factory loads. I shoot a Barnes TTSX 225 grain out of it and its a tack driver. Shotgun wise i like my Beretta A400 and pistols my Sig 1911 is my favorite.
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    Daughter holds the biggest buck in the household

    Congrats. Thats Awesome
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    Headed for Wyoming

    Good luck buddy
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    Warm start to hunting season

    I feel for you d dub. I’ll be in Laredo Monday
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    Demographics of Eastmans Hunting Forum

    My arrows work just fine
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    My Archery Hitlist (whitetail)

    It’s been hot here too. But I am enduring the heat to try and get one before the boom sticks come in season
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    My Archery Hitlist (whitetail)

    Thank You Sir.
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    My Archery Hitlist (whitetail)

    Here are the ones on the hit list this year. I was out last weekend no big ones yet but it was still pretty warm and a full moon
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    Son first archery kill

    Congrats. No more napping lol
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    Boom time or Doom time where you live?

    I live in North Texas and we are booming. And i work in the concrete business and we are Super Booming.
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    What Is Your Go To Hunting Knife?

    I have 2 eastmans Outdoor Edge knives. The original bigger one and the recent smaller one. Thats all i use and i love em. They work great on hogs too.