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    Grizzlystik 650

    Has anyone here tried the Grizzly stik 650 arrows? Sounds like an interesting concept, I’m considering trying it for my Wyoming elk hunt this year.
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    It’s never premature!
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    The Memes Thread!

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    The Memes Thread!

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    The Memes Thread!

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    Elk draw

    My group drew general tags with 3.25 points, headed up for archery in September!
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    2020 Official Nevada Big Game Draw Countdown.

    I’m guessing they already put my name on a sheep tag, but I’ll wait until Wednesday to put in my vacation dates.
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    Altitude sickness

    Never tried Diamox, but I spend 49 weeks/year at home less than 1000’ above sea level and often very hot and humid. I Spend 2-3 weeks/year between 9000’ and 12,000’ in CO for the last 15 years. If I can stay hydrated I do very well hiking/hunting/biking for a chubby 41 year old. If I can...
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    The Memes Thread!

    At home I’m Medium rare on beef, closer to rare on grilled venison. In camp often the same steak can be all 5...
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    This year I put in for deer, elk and antelope in New Mexico, elk and sheep in Nevada, general elk in Wyoming and points everywhere else. I drew my third choice deer in NM, struck out on everything else. I expect to draw Wyoming general elk. My research for most units was a combination of...
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    General Elk Archery vs Rifle

    Two trips could be a possibility, depending on how much (if any) vacation I use up this summer. Another thing that has come to mind is all the talk about a second wave of the Corona virus breaking out in the fall. Who knows if that will happen but if it does I would bet it will effect the...
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    Mount Pictures

    Wow, that’s a great collection you have there! Thanks for sharing!
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    Who else is...

    I’ve packed on a few Corona pounds the last two months. Time to start getting back in shape. Did 500 lunges in sets of 25 and sets of 50 over a 3 mile fast walk Monday. Jogged 1.5 miles yesterday evening and walked another 1.5 miles. A bit sore sore today. Upper body this evening &...
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    General Elk Archery vs Rifle

    Thanks, we’ve killed a few elk in heavily pressured Colorado OTC units, all 2-3 miles in and 1500’ or more up from the trailhead. Sounds like WY general will be similar to escape crowds. One thing I’m sure of is we’ll have a great time; elk or not!
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    That’s funny stuff. I’m not a fan of electric fences, when I was a kid my grandpa rigged one up to some sheet metal to keep the raccoons out of a big peach tree. After feeding cows one rainy day I walked up and touched it, told my dad and grandpa it wasn’t working. Dad walked and put his...