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    Fall Colors-San Juan Mts. SW Colorado

    Beautiful country! Thanks for sharing it with us!
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    Your Biggest Buck

    My best, so far. I haven’t killed many!
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    2020 Elk Hunt

    Wow, 8+ days of hunting in elk country, awesome! Cool that you found a nice shed too!
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    The Memes Thread!

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    2020 Antelope Success Thread

    Outstanding, congratulations to both of you. That smile on your sons face says it all!
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    Alaska travel

    I hadn't heard that about Stone Mountain. That is sure a beautiful place they had, in a beautiful area! Flying down tomorrow. cow elk hunt on the 7th!
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    Another bear attack

    It is a good moose area. We had a wild brown bear break into our local zoo last night. It killed an alpaca! F&G killed the bear!
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    Another bear attack

    I don't have many details but a hunter was killed by a bear near the Chisana river. I know that Tok air flew the person into the field. I've flown into that area many times. The guide that I knew in the area is no longer in business, thank goodness! Prayers go out for the persons family.
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    Alaska travel

    Thanks, I've always had good contacts with the Canadians, very friendly. This border agent needed more coffee or something. It's a big inconvenience but not the end of the world. Flying out tomorrow.
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    Alaska travel

    Here's a quick update, for what it's worth. My usual Fall expedition down the Alcan to Oregon was cut short at the Alaska/Yukon border. Even with a very recent negative Covid test result and my friendliest "good morning smile", we were abruptly turned away as non-essential. It was essential to...
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    New Member

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    A couple more bulls.

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    A couple young bulls!

    Pretty good estimate I would say.
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    The Memes Thread!

    What a funny picture! But even if President Trump looked like that, I'd vote for him before ever voting for the Harris/Biden ticket!
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    A couple young bulls!

    A couple young bulls from last evening.