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    Where would you move to if you had your choice of any western State to live in?

    You're always welcome here! I hope we'll be able to team up!
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    Where would you move to if you had your choice of any western State to live in?

    I would have chimed in on this, but elk seem to be his priority. We have elk, but it's not easy to hunt them every year. If it's moose, caribou, blacktail deer, dall sheep and black or brown bear you want to hunt every year, you might consider Alaska!
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    CO Deer Results are Out

    You're going to have a fun but busy fall! I'm excited to hear how all that hunting' goes! Congrats!
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    Breakdown of my DREAM rifle (what is yours?)

    No problem. I think a well-fit barrel to action would work fine.
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    It is common up here also. The wardens here check residency a lot. When I was working, I wrote a bunch of citations to non-residents that bought resident licenses. It can really add up in crimes, like the Colorado case did. You have a non-resident go hunt a sheep or grizzly without a guide and...
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    Breakdown of my DREAM rifle (what is yours?)

    I had one of the overly finicky ones. I had a load or two that would stay into 2" at 100. Most shot 5" groups.
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    Breakdown of my DREAM rifle (what is yours?)

    I might change a few things, but your rifle build sounds good. I had a poor experience with my Kimber rifle, so I doubt I would go there on a dream rifle build. I like the Bartlein barrel. I'd use a Mauser action, trued. I know that synthetic stocks are more practical, but like you, I would go...
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    I want a new smoker

    Can I come over? Pretty please!
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    Grizzlies on the move...

    We just had another mauling in Alaska, by a grizzly. The gentleman survived but is pretty beat up!
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    WY NR Elk Draw Results Tomorrow

    Unsuccessful. Oh well. Good luck to all!
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    Leupold Spotting Scope / Eyeware Giveaway!

    Sitka Blacktail deer
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    Over under suggestions

    I shoot a CZ 20 gauge and like it for a fairly reasonable price.
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    What are you guys reading?

    The Bible, daily.
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    Transporting meat out of the field?

    Leaving the meat on the bone is a regional, not statewide regulation. The theory behind it is that "boned-out" meat has a propensity to spoil quicker, with more surface area exposed to air, dirt, water, etc. The requirement to take the rib meat has been on the books for many years and probably...
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    Wolverine sighting Antelope Park, Ut

    That's pretty cool. Wolverine are awesome. I've tracked them by airplane and you can about run out of gas before finding them. Real travelers! I've seen a fair number of them but have never been able to get a shot at one. I've lived in some pretty good wolverine country but they can sure be hard...