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    The video question of the year...

    Good for you OP breakaway from the monopoly of the carriers! Streaming is the way to go !
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    30-06 and 180 gr bullet load suggestions

    All, I have been loading for 30 plus years but never loaded for a 30-06 with 180's and could use some guidance. I am helping a buddy get ready for his first elk hunt, a migration hunt. He wants to use his 30-06 and 180 AB's I am trying RL22 because that's what is shown to give good velocity...
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    Cabelas Sleeping bag

    Colorado Cowboy, any problems with it retaining moisture from perspiring/sweat during the night?
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    Cabelas Sleeping bag

    My buddy has a new Cabela's Mountain Trapper 0° Sleeping Bag This is a rectangular Canvas bag with a flannel lining, any one have one and would you use it in a late october tent camp at 9K feet??
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    2021 new gear dreams and must haves.

    Where to begin prepping for a late Oct elk hunt at 9K feet + Merino long johns - med weight and heavy weight - zip necks 800 gram insulated leather hunting boots - Crispi? down zip off pants - Kuiu Down mid layer Jacket with hood -Kuiu Axis pants & jacket -Kuiu Lite weight Tripod -? Walking...
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    When you realize you are getting old!

    Your post is timely, deer camp this year took a new meaning for me. My dad and I go to camp in northern Maine and it is in the un-incorporated township area. The only things that change from year to year is the areas of active logging. I was fortunate in that my dad started hunting when I...
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    Weather in the back country, how do you follow it ?

    All, thanks for the info!
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    Weather in the back country, how do you follow it ?

    All, when your hunting a wilderness area how do you all get weather data ? Ive yet to find a weather station that provides forecasts or history of remote regions.
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    What Is Your Go To Hunting Knife?

    I am fortunate to have a choice, this knife was left to me by the gent who started me hunting elk and it cleaned my last bull in 2018.
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    How often do you change cables and strings ?

    With the price of a new set of cables and a string in the $130-$160 range how often do you guys change them ? Also where do you usually see wear on them?
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    Hands Feee Rifle Carry

    i use the boonie packer safari sling, with a pack it provides good at the ready carry, i am not familiar with the ones mentioned above.
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    What Is Your Favorite Gun To Shoot???

    An RW Hart, blue printed M700, 280AI with 24" Har BBL and a McMillan stock its a bit heavy but shoots very well..
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    Oilskin duster/drover ?

    All, does anyone use an oilskin drover coat while riding into the back country ? I am looking at a 9 hour late season ride into camp and was wondering if they made sense as an outer layer? I was also thinking the long tails may provide some benefit as I dont have chinks or chaps. Please...
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    Grizzly Bears Are Getting Out Of Hand

    This is a highly controversial issue, last year a member ...popped up and told all of us who wanted an open season/managed hunt that we didnt know our ass from our elbow. I contend that the people (activists) who dont want an open season or management by hunting are largely subscribing to the...
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    Thorofare Hunt

    Sir welcome to the world of waiting ! I am booked with Yellowstone Outfitters in 2023 for the last hunt of the season, last year when I spoke with Lynn his first opening was 2023 for 4. I did some reference checking with guides I know and every one of them said he ran a very good outfit. I...