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    Hands Feee Rifle Carry

    i use the boonie packer safari sling, with a pack it provides good at the ready carry, i am not familiar with the ones mentioned above.
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    What Is Your Favorite Gun To Shoot???

    An RW Hart, blue printed M700, 280AI with 24" Har BBL and a McMillan stock its a bit heavy but shoots very well..
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    Oilskin duster/drover ?

    All, does anyone use an oilskin drover coat while riding into the back country ? I am looking at a 9 hour late season ride into camp and was wondering if they made sense as an outer layer? I was also thinking the long tails may provide some benefit as I dont have chinks or chaps. Please...
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    Grizzly Bears Are Getting Out Of Hand

    This is a highly controversial issue, last year a member ...popped up and told all of us who wanted an open season/managed hunt that we didnt know our ass from our elbow. I contend that the people (activists) who dont want an open season or management by hunting are largely subscribing to the...
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    Thorofare Hunt

    Sir welcome to the world of waiting ! I am booked with Yellowstone Outfitters in 2023 for the last hunt of the season, last year when I spoke with Lynn his first opening was 2023 for 4. I did some reference checking with guides I know and every one of them said he ran a very good outfit. I...
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    What Pistols Do You All Carry?

    Scott, if your familiar with 1911 type single actions take a look at the Sig p938. I found this gun to be controllable and very concealable. I also found that accuracy is outstanding. The only thing i did to the pistol was add Hogue grips and that was just a 20 item. This is a deep...
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    Garmin 66i or something else

    All, with all this time on my hands I am thinking about a new GPS, I've always owned Garmin products and currently own a 10 year old Rino. The rino is great except that its no longer supported, cant find batteries or get support from Garmin because its so old. I am looking at the 66i as its...
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    Wyoming wilderness guided hunt with 10 preference points

    I would think you could find an option but some are probably booked for 2021. I would have a difficult time deciding on a bugle hunt or traditional rifle hunt usually after the bugle season ? The remote experience can be had for both, The bugle hunt is something that is truly spectacular ...
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    280AI or 28 Nosler

    I went with the 280 AI years ago, now I own a few. I occasionally hunt the west and its a one gun/cartridge does it all for me. I hunt antelope, deer and elk. I can speak highly about the cartridge, the rifles are a Rem 700 and a NULA 24 also great actions. My concern about the 28 Nosler...
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    New Build need a stock ?

    I am putting together a 300 win on a rem 700 action. I have a few McMillan stocks and like them but am not liking the prices theses days $600 for the unit plus bedding ? Nope ! What can be had in a ADL configuration at a $400 or less price point at 2-2-1/2 pounds with pad ? Suggestions ?
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    Weather conditions as it relates to the calendar, elevation and state?

    Ive been trying to get a handle on weather/climate conditions for my next planned hunt and this has brought up a bunch of questions for me. I have hunted in Wyoming unit 60 over the past years (30) and always hunted the openers. I am planning a late season hunt for the last 8 days of the...
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    300 Weatherby and 180 gr Swift Scirocco 2 bullets

    I have been reading (no direct experience) that they come apart in close. The last bull was taken at 30 yards with a 160 gr partition from a 280 AI...Bang flop. The one time I used a traditional cup & draw BT the bullets broke up badly at 275 +/- yds and I am concerned about that happening...
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    300 Weatherby and 180 gr Swift Scirocco 2 bullets

    All, Contemplating the hunt tools... I worked on a load for a 300 WBY rifle last year and gave up the process for a known and proven round. I am loading for a Rem 700 with a 300 WBY chamber It is not a long throat like the Weatherby rifles I am finding that the Swift Company recommends a Max of...
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    Hammock Sleeping

    Gents, does anyone use or have comments on a TENTSILE tree tent. Ive been considering one of the smaller 1 or 2 man versions because it gets you off the ground, ratchets tight to lessen the sag ...and can be pitched like a tent on the ground in the absense of trees? Thoughts ?
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    .380 Trail Protection / Bear Load?

    Buffalo Bore makes the loads your looking for. They make a .380 and a 9mm load (hard cast lead). The hardcast lead bullet penetrates in most cases becaus it doesnt deform as much on impact as regular lead and hollow points (aka controlled expansion bullets). I would neven let a friend go...