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    Inreach Mini

    My buddy has the standard Inreach. It worked very well/ we had no idea the weather in Montana was going to go to crap last week. He received a text from a buddy telling him. Well we came out after seven days and everyone was gone. Weather did go to crap. The weather was supposed to be perfect...
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    Call Wise Bulls

    I guess my issue is they know they are pushing them. They think they can catch up with them. Not going to happen. Calling is fine but every 5 to ten minutes is ridiculous. If you hear a bull try to move in closer and see what you are dealing with don't call him into the next county. Not one of...
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    Call Wise Bulls

    I wish more people would read this. Everyone watches TV Elk hunts and the show bugling every few minutes. When I was in Montana in Mid Sept I can't tell you how many Elk I watched move either to another drainage or into Idaho. More than a few hunters were lighting up a bugle every 50yds. It was...
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    Do elk bugle much in SW Montana - units 314/360/362????

    I can tell you that the hunters were bugling their a$$s off!! Havent heard anything like it in my life!! Sounded like a bad elk hunting show 10x. It was so bad ........ that's all I will say!!
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    We left Montana. Totals in the high country were around 18 inches where we were in SW Montana. Still cold up there and snowed more after we came out Highs in the low 30s during the day and teens at night. First week was great. We passed on 5 elk and were hunting a few nice bulls. Didnt know the...
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    Who else is...

    In silence she waits! Workout days are over. Packed up and hitting the road tomorrow. Will be gone for 19 days this trip.
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    Who else is...

    Still at it between a few archery whitetail hunts. Been warm but that's ok. 6 days till chasing those crazy Elk? Or is it crazy me chasing Elk? Either way its all good.
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    Finding a gym

    I have bought used equipment and stopped going to the gym last year. I bought a stair stepper, treadmill, some freeweights, a leg lift rack, and a bow flex for under $500 total. This year I bought a used concept 2 E series rower for $500. Over the years I have found that endurance is more...
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    Adjusting to the Elevation

    I have been going from near sea leval to hunt at 9k-11k almost every year since the the late 80s. A few things I have learned. Start drinking a lot of water if you dont already. Try to stay a night somewhere close to the altitude you will be hunting before you head in. Don't be in a rush. It...
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    Who else is...

    Still at it here. Now doing 6800-7000 meters on the rower every night. Heading out on the 18th.
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    Who else is...

    Nightly 30min row.
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    Who is bowhunting where?

    Will be in Montana high country again this year . Missed last year due to the two hurricanes. Keeping my fingers crossed! Been out of Elk for a while. Last year was the first year I didn't make it in a very long time.
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    Best hunting boots????

    I still keep getting Lowa's. They are tough boots and hold up extremely well in rough rugged country. Does take a while to break them in.
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    Citric Acid

    Thanks BC. Been around just really busy. Will be hitting the road Sept 19th !
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    Citric Acid

    I always use Citric acid. I would recommend 2oz per qt of water. It goes a long way. I carry a one pint bottle with the granular citric acid in it. I just add water when I need it. I also keep a small Ziploc bag with a few ozs in it for a second animal if we get two. One pint is enough to do a...